Timucua - English


sãtasãtadial. var. ofsantasaintly, holy
satacasatakavleave (life), die (with balunu)dial. var.satacàsp. var.fataca
satacàsatakàdial. var. ofsatacaleave (life), die (with balunu)
satalasatalaNatchez šuluh; Musk SPIDER. Cr, S, OS acokł:anwa; H (H), Mk haco:ł:a:n-i, H acokł:a:n-i (S: atcokł:ani); Al hancokfala (H), K kancokfala (K); Ct, Cs coł:kan, Cs cokł:an. (MJ tcokł:ampol(l)i 'spider's web'.) [The K word looks like TICK (2). Ct cokł:Apoli / tokł:Apoli 'cobweb' (B: chukł:ampuli, tukł:ampuli) suggests a c/t alternation (cf. MOUTH (2)) in a derivative of this word.]nspideraraña1.6.1.7InsectConfident Hapax Leg.
sãtosãtosp. var. ofsantosaint holy
ScotoskotonpropScotus (Christian philosopher)
sedasedan*silk*sedaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
SegorsegornSegor (city in the Bible)Segor (ciudad en la Biblia)
selelecaseleleka1Redup Adjslither?SpecialSpecial word typesTentative2vflow?Tentativecfsalalaca
sepulchrosepultʃron*sepulchre*sepulchroBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
seqesekevsawnaseqenoder.nasekenonsawnaseqeno pirismall saw6.7Tool
Serafinserafinsp. var. ofSerafines*Seraphim
Serafinesserafinesn*SeraphimBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedsp. var.SerafinSeraphinesSerasin
Seraphinesseraphinessp. var. ofSerafines*Seraphim
Serasinserasinsp. var. ofSerafines*Seraphim
seyacosejakovbe in ecstasy, be unconsciousen extasiQueniqe, Adam, caqi ininotera, naebelecama Diosma anoterusunema, eneqe cume arecotequa, yquotimota anoleta naseyacota, nabenta. While Adam was considering all the above, he remained in a deep sleep, as if in ecstasy.Considerando Adan todo lo sobredicho, se quedò durmiendo en vn profundo sueño, y como en extasi. 1627 Cat 1.1Used in passages that describe sleeplike states or life in heaven.
-sisinsfxParticle which appears on some replies to questions.itecaresi. Of my fathersde mis padresArte f02 28.1 Forms with this affix are translated with 'de' in the Arte and have been listed as genitive in Granberry and Gatschet. However apart from the isolated examples in the Arte, this affix never seems to appear in textual examples of possession. This affix instead seems to appear in dialogue when a statement is in answer to a question or in contrast to a previous assertion.Confident
-sIsi ~ seNatchez -ʃi 'dative'vBenefactivesfxbenefactive/malefactiveThis affix shows vowel harmony and alternates between -si and -se.Confidentlapusirequestlapuv
siacatosiakatonunknown fish or water animal, possibly manateeanimal de agua desconocidoheca, ninapichibota sontela caqi, ibine oyoma, cuyu, inereqeine homama, arecota, vchuco, siacatoco, ytorico chayoco, aquatiro l cunachuaco, chayoco abayco, caracasico, tanitoco, echacaco tococo. He provides us with fish in this water, and finished making the whale, the siacato, the alligator, the chayo, the aquatiro or cunachua, the chayo, the abay, the corvina, the tanito, the mullet, and the toco.1627 Cat 1.3This animal appears on a list of creatures that live in the water. animalsProbable
siapusiapunpalmetto grape (juice?)jugo de uva de palmitoArte, f18; various Muskogean potential cognates: Ct. siapha (?), Sem siya:pho:, Mk siyapiConfident
-sibasibav > nsfxagentive nominalizerdial. var.-siuocomp.balisibahunterbalin
sibatosibatonplumciruelaArte, f345. from fruitConfident