Timucua - English


qe1kevbuscar, esperarlook forChiqetanincotealthough you search for itArte f121vConfident
qe4kevlight (a candle)?Tentative
qe2kencontusión, heridabruise
-qe1kevPost -ta Complementizerssfx1whenUsually after -ta, but occasionally after a non -ta verb with the -si suffix.Confident2complement to nateProbableqequaqique
-qe2ke1nPre-determinersfxnominal suffix (oft. after -leta)Confident2ordnumand (linking numerals)Probablesp. var.-qè
-qèSpelling Variant of-qe2nominal suffix (oft. after -leta) and (linking numerals)
qebanikebaniv1preparar, confeccionarprepareArte, f6Confident2proporcionar, proveerprovideArte, f6Confidentqeban
qeche2ketʃevescamarremove scales (of a fish)cuiu qechenotileqe areconotiBecause the fish wasn't scaled, it was not cooked.Arte f123Possible connections to roots meaning 'cut' in MuskogeanProbable
qelakela1nllagawoundProbable2vpasar de parte a partepass from one side to the otherverbal use attested as qelaso with causativeqelo
qelekelev1hacer una linea , atravesarlamake a line, pass throughArte, f6Confident2hacer la senal de la cruzmake the sign of the crossOcamota qeleno [CROSS] cruci sancta mabeta heca [CROSS] yrimile carema nina huribuoni habue [CROSS] Dios ano haminica le Dios itimivisama [CROSS] quiemimate Espiritu sanctomate.Por la señal de la sancta Cruz de nuestros enemigos libranos Señor. Dios nuestro en el nombre del Padre y del Hijo y del Espiritu Santo. Amen, Iesus.1612 Cat 1:1Confident3acercarse, aproximarseapproachArte, f6Confidentquele
qen qenken kenadvalla muy lejosfar awayArte, f147. Listed in the Arte, but never shows up in texts.
qenokenoprothat one
qepe1kepeadjscabby, peeled, bleachedArte, f7Confident
-qeqerekekerevsfx1at that time (different subject)Probable2or ifConfidentqueqere
qere1kerev1raerscrapeArte f6Confident2regoldarburp2.2Body functionsConfident3arrastrar, ratrear, dragardrag?Arte f6Confidentqete
qere2kere1prtexhortative2content to do
-qere2kerenDiscoursesfxnsuff (con top?)Often after the -mano suffxTentative
-qere1kerevPost -ta Complementizerssfxin V-ing; having V-edArte f15Confidentquereqère