Timucua - English


pesolapesolanhoeaçadaArte, f33; Arte, f346.7ToolConfidentdial. var.apesola
pesolopesoloCf. Hitchiti/Mikasuki palasti; Ct pallaska; Tawasa píssonbreadpanPesolo natibino chicana?‎‎don't you have anything to eat with the bread?Arte f050Confident
pesorapesoradial. var. ofpesorobe large, great?
pesoropesorovbe large, great?Tentativedial. var.pesora
petolo1petolovwrap?dial. var.petolo2
petolo2petolodial. var. ofpetolo1
Pharaonpharaonn*Pharoah*PharaonBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
pi pipi piRedupcheep, squeak (noise of a baby chick)
pichipitʃiv1helpsynhiomi2providesp. var.pìchi
pìchipìtʃisp. var. ofpichihelp provide
pichiquilapitʃikʷilavspit on?Tentativesp. var.pichiquilà
pichiquilàpitʃikʷilàsp. var. ofpichiquilaspit on?
pichopitʃoTawasa pítchot1nknifecuchilloArte, f9Confident2vbe whole, combine with to make a totalityser todoArte, f9Confident3adventirely, whollyenteramenteArte, f9Confident
*pielapielanpart of the word for 'lip'cfanapiecomp.nipitapielanipitan
pilanipilanin1dawn, morningamanecer, mañanaThis seems to refer to early morning, possibly at dawn or before dawn.Confident2in the nighten la nocheConfidentpilanifichicomp.pilanifitʃinmidnight
pilanifichipilanifitʃinmidnightcomp. ofpilanifichi2pilani
pilaniqipilanikinearly morningmuy de mañanapilaniqi chubobocomp.pilaniki tʃubobonVenus
pilaniqi chubobopilaniki tʃubobonVenuscomp. ofpilaniqichubobopilaniqi
pile1pilenfieldterritoriotapolapile corn fieldArte f32Confident
pile2pilevgive water?Probable
pilenopilenonorgan meatcarne de viscerasChofama pilenoma ibine ichicosa ecatiquani ilifoqi tinibalusihabele mota mosobi cho?Did you say "The liver and lungs must not be thrown in cold water, [because] if I shoot, [the game] will be delivered from me."Did you forbid that the liver and lungs of the game should be thrown in cold water to cook them, because you could then shoot no further game?Los higados y bofes del, as dicho no los echeys en agua fria a cozer, que no podre flechar otro?Conf, f1 1.1 ano hono hesonopuquasotamosala, cayapilenoco, bilanoco sobapuquaquenema Ano inemi hetamala. Un dia su amo hazia grande fiesta, y tenia muchos cõbidados, por el nacimiento de un hijo suyo. and they fed a group of people, and all the people ate turkey skin [meat?] and bilano and meatMovDoc f 1.3This are edible parts of an animal, but not the parts called soba 'meat'. It apparently consists of skin, lungs, and other internal organs. In the first example, pileno translates Spanish higados y bofes (liver and lungs).cfsoba