Timucua - English


patu hutapatu hutavfrozenArte, f34 eladaConfident
patucusipatukusisp. var. ofparucusiprince, war-prince, king
peccado1pekkadonsinpecadosp. var.peccado2
peccado2pekkadosp. var. ofpeccado1sin
pechepetʃesp. var. ofpechohut, barn, inferior house
pechererecapetʃererekanfloor of buildingsuelo de edificioSpecialSpecial word typesPendingcfpecho
pechopetʃonhut, barn, inferior houseIn compound with paha 'house', this word is used once to refer to the place where Jesus was born (a stable) and once to a shack (Span choza).sp. var.pechecfpecherereca
peepeethrowing? downward?Tentative
peemopeemovmove downward (bow, prostrate)This word often is used in translations of arrodillar 'kneel', but seems to mean something more like 'bow' or 'prostrate' in Timucua.Confidentdial. var.poomo1
pelepelevperform a ceremony?Tentative
penanipenanin1tonguelengua2.1BodyConfident2flame (with taca)
penitenciapenitenkian*penitence*penitenciaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
peqe1pekev1put, place, leave2hangcolgar
peqe2pekecardnum(apparent root for five in some numerals)Confidentpeqecheqetacomp.peketʃeketasp. var.pequecheqetaTawasa pekétchcuttahcardnumninepiqichacomp.pikitʃadial. var.piqichiTawasa pekétchahcardnumsevenpiqinapucomp.pikinapudial. var.piqinaupiquinahuTawasa pekénnahoughcardnumeight
peqetosapeketosasp. var. ofpaqetosobe lacking? be hungry?
pequapekʷanleather, chamoiscuero, gamuzaConfident
pequatapekʷatan1servantcriadoAno petaqualeqe ano ateleqe quenemano anocomima hacha manistamohe?And the servants with their masters, how must they behave?‎‎Y los criados con sus amos, como deven averse?1612 Cat, f70vConfident2child, student
pequecheqetapekʷetʃeketasp. var. ofpeqecheqetaninecomp. ofpeqe2chequeta
peramoperav1lie, speak falsely2insist onporfiarniperamosota halihotelaI go around insistingme anda porfiandoArte f128The implication of the Timucua examples with this word seems to be 'insisting falsely' on something.Confident
perefoperefovlie on the ground?
perenipereninwound, crack?llagachitomile pilanituquo chumoqe ebamiano tofa chumoqe motequa: caqi itimileno sacerdote mano chitosily ofuenoma olio ibisota ibine mano chitoperenima ecata ninaiualubuo moqe. the soul is married to Jesus Christ, with which unction the soul is enriched and equipped; and the wound on our head is cured and healed and Father Adam. Se desposa el anima con Iesu Christo, con la qual vncion se enriqueze, y se dota la tal anima, y es curada, y sanada la llaga de nuestra cabeça, y Padre Adan. the priest annoints the forehead with oil, and takes the water and they cure us of the wound in our head.1612 Bap 5.1Appears in the phrase chito perenima, apparently referring to the sutures of the skull.Probable
peroperev1be broken, changed, destroyed2lose?Tentative
pesapesavflow out (of blood, semen)manarYnihimima nanulasta alihotequa yniqe anolehauema napesaui michunu yntaqe maha habaqua chipesabi?Por andar retozando vinote polucion fuera del vaso de tu consorte?Touching your spouse, did you ejaculate and because of this later(?) did you ejaculate?Conf, f1 1.1Confidentdial. var.epeso
Pesebrepesebren*manger*PesebreBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed