Timucua - English


paha eyapaha ejanpeople of your housegente de tu casa... paha eyamate ocotomo hero mane hebuasi buota ininotera chiqe nainta equela na hurusumita mosotema bohota Dios hobuasota ysotele manino natolobuosonta nanasotela ona quenema fiestama nayalesta santificalesta caniqueniha mantela....and who makes those in his house go to hear it, and he who rests, and takes delight in holy works, shows the faith and love that he has for God...y haze yr a los de su casa a oyrla, y el que las huelga, y gasta en sanctas obras, muestra la fe y amor que tiene a Dios.1612 Cat 2.1Siqisononco ynibatelesiro mantaqe quoneti quani masibintimate paha eiamanamastanimo satilenima chanimantela.You repent for not having corrected your children and those other that are in your house when they they spoke glibly.Pesate de no haver corregido a tus hijos y a los demas que estan en tu casa quando hazen desembolturas.Conf, f1 1.1Occurs in two passages which talk about moral responsibility for those living in the addressee's house.Probable
paha hobapaha hobanempty house?Tentativecomp. ofpaha
pahapahanhousecasaPahanica, arecotanicala.We make our house.Arte f20syntiqenoConfidentcomp.abopahacorn cribabo2nArapahaara2npropsicali abo pahaoyster bed, oyster pilesicalinulepahawombulenpaha hobacomp.paha hobanempty house?
pahastipahastinold fieldterreno viejoAnd then did you not take food of an old field?Conf, f1 5.2The only instance of this word is in the confessionario.Hapax Legomenon
pala palapala palaRedup1sound of crashing, breaking2sound of falling?Tentative
pale palepale paleRedupunknown redup (perfectly?)Probable
palenipalenivinheritheritarThe verb always appears as palen, with deletion of its final vowel before a /t/ initial suffix. It is probably an underlying paleni, but the last vowel is not attested in the corpus.Confident
palipaliCUT (3) (tr). Al pitaffi (sg obj) / pita:li (pl obj) 'gut, split open' (H), K pitafti 'slice up the middle' (K), Al pita:li 'gut, split open' (H); Ct pataffi (< /pataf-li/) 'split, plow', Cs pataffi (< /pataf-li/) 'rip, disembowel'. [Cf. also Cs pacaffi 'allow to split open by interna! pressure'.]vcut openabrirArte, f50 'abrir un animal'Confidentnapalinomader.napalinomanknife (for cutting open an animal)
Palicapalikanprop1name of a Timucua settlement9.7.2Name of a place2name of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
palifopalifov1rub the handsestregar las manosConfident2make a fire3rubConfident4exciteConfident
palini?palini?nnight? Tentative
paloquapalokʷadial. var. ofpalucufearcomp. of-co4
palupaluv1weavetejer, trenzarArte, f130 palunu 'texer carrico; ichali palunu texer or hacer pesquera' [tejer = weave]Confident2farm, till, digcavarQueniqe, Adam iniheti ininomichu, iquimileqe vti palunu mate, inino eyo caremate quenequa, Ano palusiba hortelano minecotama, Adam nantela iniheti qibemichu iquimileqe penitencia nabalunuma, vtipulunulehabema Diosima Adam nacalubosotela. Este es el primero oƒƒicio de cabar (ò de ortelano que vuo en el mundo) en el qual se representa la miseria del primer pecado, y la execucion de la sentencia, que se diò en penitencia, que costase sudor y trabajo el comer1627 Cat 2.1synpuluThe difference between pulu and palu is hard to determine. Both refer to farming; possibly pulu refers more directly to digging.Confident3try?probar, intentar, ensayarArte, f130 palunu 'texer carrico; ichali palunu texer or hacer pesquera' [tejer = weave]Probable
palucupalukuCreek piŋká:litvfearNaqueniqe, cahelele vocole minecotamano Dios ano Paloqualenoma nante. So the first step of the ladder is called fear of God.The paloqua and paloco variants only appear in Movilla.Confidentdial. var.paloquacomp. of-co4
palupalupalupaluRedupunknown redup (perfectly?)Tentative
panpanvauxiliary of some kindhonihe pantaI amArte, f18pahani panta. I have a houseArte f20 2:3Confident
paqepake1vforgetConfident2vbe negligent3adjpoor?Tentative4vforgiveConfident5vbe satisfied (of a debt)Probable
paqetopaketovbe poor?Tentative
paqetosapaketosasp. var. ofpaqetosobe lacking? be hungry?
paqetosopaketosovbe lacking? be hungry?Tentativesp. var.paqetosapeqetosa