Timucua - English


poyaSpelling Variant ofpoybrother
primiciasprimisiasn*primicias*first fruitsBorrowed
processionprosesionnprocesion, desfile, cortejo*processionBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedprocessiõ
processioniprosesionin*procesion*processionBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
publicanopublikanoncobrador*tax-collectorBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
puchaputʃacardnumelement between teens and units in counting
puchasoputʃasovunknown verb
puchu1putʃu1adjempty, hollow?ProbableCompoundcumepuchuhumble?cume2ntomb3adjrotten?Tentative4adjnew? (of the moon)
puchu2and (linking complex numerals)
puelopuelonunknown fish or water animalAppears on a list of water creatures1.6.1.5Water animalsTentative
puenopʷenovvenircomeNocomicoco Christianoleqi mantaponacho?Do you come with a true desire to be one?[Lit. Do you come truly wanting to be a Christian?]1612 Bap 7.1Viroleqe uquata pueno nicala.I bring a male infantg2, p. 4 1:1In combination with uqua 'take', the combination means 'bring'Confidentsp. var.punpuenponaponopuenapnoponpuenecomp.Santa Maria Diosima ano hioco mopononelaAve Maria (prayer)hiocomon
PuergatoriopuergatorioSpelling Variant ofpurgatorio*purgatory
pufipufinzorrofox speciespufi pahafox holeArte, f53synhaue1.
puipuipʷipʷiRedupfuentespringConfidentsp. var.puypuypui puipuipuycamase puipuicomp.kamase pʷipʷinspring (of water)Arcadiabeta utincono ybine camase puipuileta yntanicono mela nocotana inibitileta yayita ysotanincono amarataca timenco taechesonolenincoqua naquana tacata chiyara mobila motama motamala § It is said that there is a fountain in Arcadia which has such power and quality that when a burned out candle enters it, it burnscaqi ibine camase puipuimano IESU Christo isticocoma intequa ysinapesanema ybine camase puipui nocomima ibine bale pulipulitema nantaqe amarataca time michunu heca ano iniheti inisibama terama nayininomichu timunuchule naquentequa orobininomaqua graciama naquana chi ara motanima nastela.From this spring Jesus Christ washes (?) with blood (like?) a true spring, a bubbling (?) healthy spring because the burned out candle is us sinners; the good (inside?) is extinguished and by doing this it is cured by grace without delay and burns (again?).aplicandole (como se aplica en este santo sacrimento) la passion y sangre de IESU Christo que es verdadera fuente de agua viva, torna a vivir en gracia el peccador muerte en culpas.
pulupuluvlabrar, arar, cavartill, digArte f. 15 puluta 'cabado' = dug; Arte f130 pulunu cabarsynpalu 2Confidentnapulunuder.napulununhoe
pumipumivunknown verb (desire?)Tentative
punSpelling Variant ofpuenocome
punupunuvadd, mix
puquapukʷa1ngrupogroupHica yanqua, nia cumechocorileta hibata, equelareqema ituhunupuqua ituhuqe, abotoniqe, itoriqe, tuluqua [f183] atichicolo orobiniqe, mosobila, Obispomichunu, anoyoquacaremate, christianoteramanimoqe hubasobotamala. A woman in a town showed much evidence of virtue: every day she had many hours of prayer, did many disciplines, fasted very much, and confessed often: due to this, the Bishop loved her greatly and all took her to be a saint.Movilla 1635a:f182-183v 1.1Itimileno yanqualeta, Zenon monolebinco, eyemita ita itequa, nihobanco nebeleca acolesiqe pataquilotamitequa, pileyanqua enemiqe, pipinopuqua, sandiamate puya eyomate quenesiqe, §The abstinence of St Zenon, who punished a desire to steal. A holy religious man, named Zenon, was coming down the road, exhausted by the heat, and saw a field where there were cucumber and other vegetables, a he thought about taking and eating one to refresh himself.Movilla 1635a:f185v-186r 1.1Acu santa Iglesia heca isomile manta cumeletanimate, napichasota, mosobiletequa, equelayanqualeqe, anocomimichunu, qiemisiqisoninco iquimileqe, fiesta iquo orobono iquochieta, ano hono hesonopuquasotamosala, cayapilenoco, bilanoco sobapuquaquenema Ano inemi hetamala. She thought of the Holy church, Our Mother, and one day they greatly honored her master's son with a large feast, and they fed a group of people, and all the people ate turkey skin [meat?] and bilabo and meatUn dia su amo hazia grande fiesta, y tenia muchos cõbidados, por el nacimiento de un hijo suyo. Movilla 1635a:f191-193 1.3Qie| Chaquenta aratileteti, acuta puquati, queniqe cheqetacoco?Why are they neither less nor more than four?Movilla 1635a:f1v-2r 1.1Ite| Terapuqua naminosotela hacu hapumaqua chitolobososi hala, ‎M. Hace tres efectos: It brings many good effects, but I will explain three of them to youMovilla 1635a:f68r-v 2.1Confident2vbe a groupConfident3vbe much, be manySaliqi puquala. Much beansArte f31 3.1This word seems to serve as the main predicate of a sentence, so is probably a verb.Probablepucapùquapuqupuqua puquacomp.pukʷa pukʷasp. var.puqua pucapuquapuquaRedupin abundanceCumepalino lehabemano, caqi inihimale, qibema, Adam, Eua quenema coesa ano siqita, ano nihita, puqua pucamota ano naioco, Francesico, Inglesico, Turcoco, Moroco anopiraco, anochucuco, eyomate quenequa, ano pochata siqita, caqua abosinta, numa aboma, nacumoso habema, Diosima areconiqe intela. So you must know we all descend from these two first married people; Spaniards, French, English, Moors, Indians, y blacks, and all all kinds of people.San Miguelino, Angeli eyopuqua puqua mota, Diosibohota, nacobosota, eatema epabota, Onate Lucifer, ano puquaebelecaco, metenolehety, naquata, yrileta, naputisisinimoqe, §St Michael and the other angels [in abundance] spoke together and gathered [the ones who] believed in and gave [?] God, and said " Indeed, Lucifer's group is great beyond count, [but we must?] fight a war.
puqua pucapukʷa pukaSpelling Variant ofpuqua puquain abundancecomp. ofpuqua