Timucua - English


Pohoynpropname of a Timucua province9.7.2Name of a place
polesipolesivcurecurarThe final -si may be the benefactive suffix, but if so, the unsuffixed form pole never appears.Confident
polesopolesovunknown verb (deceive?)Hapax Legomenon
polopolovweave palmArte, f14Confident
polonipolonivsuffer? pain? sorrow?Probable
Pontificepontifiken*pope*PontificeBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedsp. var.Põtifice
poomo1poomodial. var. ofpeemomove downward (bow, prostrate)
poomo2poomovpenetratepasar (penetrar)
porcoporkon*pig*puercosp. var.porico
poriporivspin? make clothes?Probable
poricoporikosp. var. ofporco
poro poroporo poroRedupadjective of uncertain meaning, always in passages describing desolation, and in proximity to the word utibeqeta 'bad land'cfutibeqetacomp. ofuti*beqeta
porocaporokavunknown verb
Potanonpropname of a Timucua province9.7.2Name of a place
Potayanpropname of a Timucua settlement9.7.2Name of a place
potipotivexpose (body part)
Põtificepõtifikesp. var. ofPontificepope
Potohiribapotohiribanpropname of a Timucua townIt is not clear what the first part of this town name means.9.7.2Name of a placecomp. ofhiriba
poypoin1brotherhermanoCaqui anecosininomano yachi maleco poimaleco conimaleco ebomaleco nibimaleco amamaleco viro amitimalecoco qiemico § ...sister or brother or niece or nephew or aunt or uncle or younger sibling or sonpor que sabed, que ninguno se puede casar con su hermana o hermana [sic] ni con su prima ni primo, ni co su sobrino o sobrino [sic] ni con su tio o tia. Por tanto si alguno sabe algunos destos impedimentos le venga diziendo.Conf, Fi (reciprocal)4.1.9KinshipConfident
primiciasprimikiasn*first fruits*primicias
processionprokessionn*processionprocesion, desfile, cortejoBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
processioniprokessionin*procession*procesionBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed