Timucua - English


patasilepatasilev1serveConfident2obeyProbablecomp. ofpata 1
patasilestapatasilestasp. var. ofpatafilestaservant
patenapatenanPaten (dish on which the eucharist is served)Patena
pati patipati patiRedupunknown redup
Paticanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
patupatuvbe coldheladaCaqipilana patupuqunipatula.I was very cold last night.Esta noche he tenido mucho frio.Arte f138Confident
patu hutapatu hutavfrozenArte, f34 eladaConfident
patucusipatukusisp. var. ofparucusiprince, war-prince, king
peccado1pekkadonsinpecadosp. var.peccado2
peccado2pekkadosp. var. ofpeccado1sin
pechepetʃesp. var. ofpechohut, barn, inferior house
pechererecapetʃererekanfloor of buildingsuelo de edificioSpecialSpecial word typesPendingcfpecho
pechopetʃonhut, barn, inferior houseIn compound with paha 'house', this word is used once to refer to the place where Jesus was born (a stable) and once to a shack (Span choza).sp. var.pechecfpecherereca
peepeethrowing? downward?Tentative
peemopeemovmove downward (bow, prostrate)This word often is used in translations of arrodillar 'kneel', but seems to mean something more like 'bow' or 'prostrate' in Timucua.Confidentdial. var.poomo1
pelepelevperform a ceremony?Tentative
penanipenanin1tonguelengua2.1BodyConfident2flame (with taca)
penitenciapenitenkian*penitence*penitenciaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
peqe1pekev1put, place, leave2hangcolgar
peqe2pekecardnum(apparent root for five in some numerals)Confidentpeqecheqetacomp.peketʃeketasp. var.pequecheqetaTawasa pekétchcuttahcardnumninepiqichacomp.pikitʃadial. var.piqichiTawasa pekétchahcardnumsevenpiqinapucomp.pikinapudial. var.piqinaupiquinahuTawasa pekénnahoughcardnumeight
peqetosapeketosasp. var. ofpaqetosobe lacking? be hungry?
pequapekʷanleather, chamoiscuero, gamuzaConfident
pequatapekʷatan1servantcriadoAno petaqualeqe ano ateleqe quenemano anocomima hacha manistamohe?And the servants with their masters, how must they behave?‎‎Y los criados con sus amos, como deven averse?1612 Cat, f70vConfident2child, student