Timucua - English


purupuruvshell (corn)desgranarConfident
putiputivfightluchar, combatir,lidiarhapusunuma cota onasonomano caqi cruci ma hachinoroco nachocorita nechenta hitima naputisininoleta hauema nantaqe ‎‎three times. [Doing this], this cross is called a weapon for defending and fighting against the Devil(Conf, f9a)Confident
putu1putuv1loath, abhorConfident2fightpelearNaiuchami ibisoninomano, hitima emocosinta putusinihaue anoquelaleno naibisonino leqe isticoco inino hachinaramina motahanimate Diosi mano natacuuanco nimahasosi halahante manta behemita cumenaqùominiqequa naputisininoletahaue nante queniqenasono quenela.who is interpreted as the man of confusion, which is the Demon against whom the Christian with this second unction is instituted as a soldier, by fighting with the hope that his work will be God’s reward. que es interpretado, varon de confusion, que es el Demonio. Contra el qual el Christiano con esta segunda vncion, es instituydo soldado para contra el; peleando con esperança de su trabajo, que sera a Dios en premio. 1612 Bap 10.2Probable
putu2putuvfleehuir de,abandonarArte, f18; the plural is given as purucu. Not clear if this is another word that means 'flee' or if this is the suppletive plural. Arte f61Confident
Puturibanpropname of a Timucua mission9.7.2Name of a place
puyapujanvegetable?legumbreItimileno yanqualeta, Zenon monolebinco, eyemita ita itequa, nihobanco nebeleca acolesiqe pataquilotamitequa, pileyanqua enemiqe, pipinopuqua, sandiamate puya eyomate quenesiqe, §The abstinence of St Zenon, who punished a desire to steal. A holy religious man, named Zenon, was coming down the road, exhausted by the heat, and saw a field where there were cucumber and other vegetables, a he thought about taking and eating one to refresh himself."EXEMPLO XX | La abstinencia de S | Zenon, que castigò vn desseo de hurtar | Yendo vn santo Religioso, que llamauan Zenon camino, y fatigado del calor viò vna çabana donde hauia pepinos, y otras legumbres, y por refrescarse iba pensando de tomar vno, y comerle: MovDoc f 1.1Appears only once, in a list with cucumbers and watermelons. Possibly not the generic word for vegetable but name for a particular kind of cool vegetable. from vegetablesHapax Legomenon
puypuypujpuisp. var. ofpuipuispring