Timucua - English


orachioratʃivbe happy, well-offProbablecomp. ofora*chi1ora
orobeorobecomponent of compound for 'worm'comp.ycho orobeworm?icho1n
orobiorobi1vcureConfident2adjhappyConfident3vconfessConfident4vcorrect, make happyConfidentanorobocomp.anorobovconfess (someone)?orobosibacomp.orobosibanconfessor
orobiniorobiniv1confessConfident2declare?Tentativesp. var.orobyn
orobisiorobisi1vbehave badlyaranomate natutunumate ystico noro bisino ofonomate nahiabota nahiaboteti chumonomate‎‎helping and exciting and after behaving badly, and acting as if knowing or not knowingConf, f159Confident2vbe wise, understandConfident3adjbe old(er)
orobynorobjnsp. var. oforobiniconfess declare?
orocoorokoadjsmall?pequeñoArte f35, but the passage is confusingProbable
oso abitioso abitiafter (following a time word)sp. var.osoabitimo
oso osooso osoRedup1firmly?Tentative2sweetly
oso(bo)oso(bo)1vmove quickly, racemoverse rapridamente, correr de prisaHonosoma osobota ysapu tela hacu efama beta osobota ysaputela.Aunque corre mucho el venado, empero mas corre el perro.Arte f56 2:1Leon mocama paqi Barbaria mononco, itimilenota hibatequa maytines ofonoma iniqe enenincono ticopaha iquo inibitileta osobononco maha iribite acoleta ibine ofonoma mitetichu mota mitaqe ano chocolo hebanconoso omotaqe ita itaqe itimileno michunu. In the sea of Lyons on the island of Barbaria, a monk, after having said the morning missa, perceived a vessel which seemed to fly rather than to move on the waters. He heard in it great shouting of people; when the monk inquired with loud voice "who they were?"Conf, 81 1:1Confident2vmore, muchHonosoma osobota ysapu tela hacu efama beta osobota ysaputela.Aunque corre mucho el venado, empero mas corre el perro.Arte f56 2:1Confident3adjsweetdulzuraSancta Maria Diosima anohioco monolea, Reynaleta melabono ysomileta balunu osonicaHail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope.Dios te salve, Reina y Madre de misericordia, vida y dulzura y esperanza nuestra: 1612 Cat 1.1Ae Santa Maria aquitasiqe osoterama mine inintele.Oh sweet virgin Mary1612 Cat 10.1Confident
osoabitimoosoabitimosp. var. ofoso abitiafter (following a time word)
osomaliosomalisp. var. ofobomalitwist, link together?*obo
Ostiaostianhost (in communion)
otorootorovgrabagarrar, asir,cogerArte, f11Confident
oueouenkind of birdtipo de pajaroGiven as parallel to pachi 'dove'. Legomenoncfpachi
oyocoojokon1cornerrincónArte, f34Confident2piecedial. var.oyocò
oyocòojokòdial. var. ofoyococorner
oyoquaojokʷananother personProbablecomp. ofyoquaano1 1yoqua