Timucua - English


nararacanararakaRedup AdjbitteramargoArte f44; redup adjHachibono nararaca. bitter, sour thingArte f04 1.1SpecialSpecial word typesConfident
narecanarekavbe gentle?
naribuanaribʷan1honorable personpersona honorableArte f 42 (N)aribua 'old man, honorable man'Confident2old manviejo honradoArte f 42 (N)aribua 'old man, honorable man'Confident
narunaruunknown preverbal word ( perhaps back?)Tentative
nasanasasp. var. ofnasi2son-in-law
naseqenonasekenonsawnaseqeno pirismall saw6.7ToolConfidentder. ofna-seqe-no1 1
nasi1nasiv1tell?This verb often has ...hero manda in its complement, where the verb to which ...hero is attached is the desired outcome of the command.Tentative2order/commandProbable3recite (e.g. a prayer)
nasi2nasinson-in-lawyernonasinamy son-in-lawmi yerno1627 f494.1.9KinshipProbablesp. var.nasacfnasimita
nasimitanasimitanmother-in-law, father-in-lawsuegra, suegroConfidentcfnasi2
nasinonasinovit is the case that?Tentative
nasonasovdo like thisConfident
nasononasonon1instrumentinstrumento2intended useTo express the idea X is used for Y, Timucua often uses the collocation V-no(-leta) nasonola. 'Verbing is its use.'
natarinatarivbe embarrassed?Probable
natasinatasiadvfor/after a long timehace mucho tiempo
natenate1coordconnthatConfident2consent (often with hibua)Anopira comeleta niamate nata hibuasi mota viroma nacunata hibuasomata mosobi cho?Did you design that weddings should take place to the benefit of the Indians without giving notice to the priest? [MS 'Have you arranged that someone be married according to the Indian way without first giving notice to the parish priest?]Did you advise that ceremonies should be secret and that the woman should speak (her consent) and then that the man should speak (his consent)?f184, g3 1:1Probable3pardon (often with mani)Nate nimanisinihaue.Pardon me. [Perdoneme, v.m.]Arte f45 2:1Confident4greet (with hiocomo)
natonatovwith devotion?
natorisonatorisovteachConfidentder. ofna-itori1
-nayenaje12sAConfident2v > nsfxnominalizer
nayonajo1adjwhiteblancoConfidentcomp.hauenayoname of a Timuca lineage,part of the Apoholahaue2nkind of birdespecie de pájaro1.6.1.2BirdProbablecfnayo nayoyerebanayocomp.jerebanajonsilver
nayo nayonajo najoRedupclean, puresp. var.nayonayocfnayo
nayomoqenajomokenayo 'white'advin the morningArte f11 naiomoqe Confident