Timucua - English


nanacunanaku1subordconnbecause, and soConfident2subordconnif3prtparticle of explanation, appearing before an answer to a question
nanenanevcalledllamadoThis generally contracts to nan before suffixes that begin with /t/.Confidentnantecomp.nantecalled
naneminanemi1adjeternalConfident2advalwaysConfident3quantevery (time)dias y nochesequelacote pilanicote nanemicote yniheti yninoma naubueta ...so that I cry for my sins and neglects day and night ...para que dias y noches lloro mis peccados y negligencias ...every day and night, I cry for the sinsConf, f6 2.3Probablesp. var.nanemì
nanemìnanemìsp. var. ofnanemieternal always every (time)
-nanonano1vsfxunknown verb suffixNiqiemilebale queniqe, nocomi, amitimale leta, ninibotele, quenemano, hò, manisisinta, nabososinta, cobososinta, quosontanaqeno, mine bendicionima checabopuenta, mosonihauele, namantamaca chisisobotanano. We are his sons and daughters and truly we are siblings, you must not stop wanting to believe that the Lord's blessings will (be) come to you, [when/if?] you love each other, honor each other, and give to each other.1627 Cat 5.6heca anorimatima nanolebalawe are ruined, run down, lowly, useless, without profitsomos ruines, ó apocados, ó bajos en linages ó fuerzas, ó sin porvechoProbable2nsfxunknown noun suffixProbable3vsuff:1sg41sgPoss
nano mannano mansp. var. ofnanomane
nanomanenanomanevunknown cognitive verb (feel?)Tentativesp. var.nano man
napalinomanapalinomanknife (for cutting open an animal)Confidentder. ofna-pali
Napitucanapitukanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
Napofayenapofajenpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placecfnapoyanapoya
napoyanapojanname of a Timuca lineage, part of the ApoholacfNapofayeNapofaye
Napuicanapuikanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placesp. var.Napuycahica
napulununapulununhoeConfidentder. ofna-pulu-no1
napuranapuravdespise and banish, demean (with mani)menospreciarProbable
Napuycanapujkasp. var. ofNapuicahica
naqenakevlook for