Timucua - English


-ninconinkovsfxunknown verbal suffixConfident
-nincononinkonovcomps attached to tensed verbsfx1if2when?
nioconiokovrun (with determination), carrycorrer (en porfía), llevarnioco, to run: charanioqua, the courier or letter or messenger; and so with the rest.Arte, f15, f17, f62; Arte f132 gives plural as oyosininoAbosinino niye uquata naniyocota hachi uquasiromanda naquosobicho?When they are running for some prize or stake, have you made someone faint with some herbs? Cuando corren sobre algun premio o apuesta has hecho que alguno desmaye con alguna yerba en la carrera?Conf f148 1:1Apacha niyechieta uquata naniyocota hachi uquasiromanda naquosobicho?Have you taken an herb to run faster than the other in order to take the bet or the prize that they put up?Conf f149 1:1Confidentcfcharanioquamessenger, mailcomp. ofcharanioquaniosp. var.niyocoder.nioquacarrier(?) messenger
nioquaniokʷan1carrier(?)Tentative2messengerder. ofniocorun, carry-qua4comp.charanioquamessenger, mail
nipitanipitanmouthbocaArte, f33Nipita yarurucatele hebuano yatetaheco honoheno yatetaheco ubueno niyatetaheco mota bohobicho?My mouth trembling is a sign that something bad is going to come to me, that they are saying something about me, or that there is going to be food [have you believed this?] Conf, f1 1.1Anoco niye nipitama echesosichiqe cameta chihomanisi habe areco bicho?Have you put some herb in the mouth of a woman so that she will love you a lot?As hechado alguna yerva en la boca de alguna, para que te quiera bien?Conf, f1 1.1Confidentnypytanìpìtanìpitasp. var.nipytanypytacomp.nipitapiela
nipita pielanipita pielasp. var.nipitapialasp. var. ofnipitapielacomp. ofnipita*piela
nipitapielanipitapielanliplabiocomp. ofnipitamouth*pielasp. var.nipita piela
nipytasp. var. ofnipitamouth
niuonibovdeliver (from sin)?Tentative
niyoconijokosp. var. ofniocorun, carry
-no2novAffirmative sfxsentence final suffix (alternate to la)hoqe himetema anonoThe one that is coming is a personArte f16Confidentnu
-no4novsfxafter a wh question
-no3nono1nPost-determinersfxcontrastive focus suffix (esp. after after -ninco)Confident2sfxsuffix after -temaProbable3vsfxsuffix after negation4vsfxsuffix after hanimanunani
-no1no1v > nsfxnominalizerConfidentcomp.caquinoprisonChristiano chieninobaptismebeno hionodiseasehenomeat foodhiquotimonomiracleibine tocosonowater wheelibinepilunuthirstnacorinoneneninomirrorsiqinofatherder.naseqenosawucunu2drinkunspec. comp. formayahibuanoexcrement2vsfxsuffix after -na series A agreement (-naye, -naqe)Confident3nsfxsuffix before -mano4vsfxsuffix after lebicfmachirestmachino holotimosigh, weep?comp. of-timonunasp. var.-nò-nvcomp.iniheti ininocommission of a sinnaqelonodagger, weaponnaqinoladderulicaquinokettledrumyribota hebanosermonder.hebuano2word languagenapulunuhoe
-nòsp. var. of-no1nom
noconokov1be virtuous?Tentative2act respectfully?Tentative
nocominokomi1advtrulyConfident2adjtrueConfidentocomicomp.nocomilebe trueyolanocomi
nocomilenokomilevbe trueProbablecomp. ofnocomitruly true
nocoronokorovbe together with, to be a part ofdeUti nocoromale.Natives, or those that are from the same landLos que son naturales, o de una tierra.1612 Cat, fascicle HConfident
noquatinokʷativbe impudent, daring
noro noronoro noroRedupattentively, devotedlyArte, f9Confidentnoronoronoronòrodial. var.nòro nòro