Timucua - English


nasi1nasiv1tell?This verb often has ...hero manda in its complement, where the verb to which ...hero is attached is the desired outcome of the command.Tentative2order/commandProbable3recite (e.g. a prayer)nasenasy
nasi2nasinson-in-lawyernonasinamy son-in-lawmi yerno1627 f494.1.9KinshipProbablecfnasimitamother-in-law, father-in-lawunspec. comp. form ofmito 1nasi2sp. var.nasaunspec. comp. formnasimitamother-in-law, father-in-law
nasimitanasimitanmother-in-law, father-in-lawsuegra, suegroConfidentcfnasi2son-in-lawunspec. comp. form ofmito 1related:by:marriagenasi2son-in-law
nasinonasinovit is the case that?Tentative
nasonasovdo like thisConfidentnas
nasononasonon1instrumentinstrumento2intended useTo express the idea X is used for Y, Timucua often uses the collocation V-no(-leta) nasonola. 'Verbing is its use.'
natarinatarivbe embarrassed?Probable
natasinatasiadvfor/after a long timehace mucho tiempo
natenate1coordconnthatConfident2consent (often with hibua)Anopira comeleta niamate nata hibuasi mota viroma nacunata hibuasomata mosobi cho?Did you design that weddings should take place to the benefit of the Indians without giving notice to the priest? [MS 'Have you arranged that someone be married according to the Indian way without first giving notice to the parish priest?]Did you advise that ceremonies should be secret and that the woman should speak (her consent) and then that the man should speak (his consent)?f184, g3 1:1Probable3pardon (often with mani)Nate nimanisinihaue.Pardon me. [Perdoneme, v.m.]Arte f45 2:1Confident4vgreet (with hiocomo)natanãtenaatenatiNate
natiqenatikevclotheThis is mostly used in the passive form natequini.Probable
natonatovwith devotion?
natorisonatorisovteachenseñarArte, f38-39 "All that the sorcerers taught was with certain fasts from morning to night, and other times not eating for three days, and this verb natorisono means these two things, to teach fasting with a large number of other superstitions [abusiones], and from here {f39} is taken this noun Itorinoma, the fast; those of us who are religious use this noun alone, Although some Indians still use this abovementioned verb"Confidentnatoriseder. ofna-instr instr2itori1fast (not eat)
-nayenaje12sAConfident2v > nsfxnominalizernaienaenoyenanaya
nayerosp. var. ofnahiero
nayonajo1adjwhiteblancoConfidentcomp.hauenayoname of a Timuca lineage,part of the ApoholaIvitanayo2nkind of birdespecie de pájaro1.6.1.2BirdProbablecfnayo nayoclean, purenaiocomp.yerebanayosilver
nayo nayonajo najoRedupclean, purecfnayowhitesp. var.nayonayo
nayomoqenajomokeadvin the morningArte f11 naiomoqe Confidentnayo 'white'
nayonayonajonajosp. var. ofnayo nayoclean, pure
nayuchaminajutʃamiordnumsecondcomp. ofyuchaboth two-mi3ordinalna-instr instr2
-nchunPossessor 1sfxposs:nonvis
-nconko1relative clauseAmitayete hutabinco chihutabi?Did someone who had had sex with your younger sister have sex with you?f214 1:1Probable2indef gatonco, nibili hutahabeleta noro noromota, mucupuruchi, ... a cat watches intently, wanting to catch a mouse...1627 Cat 2.8Probable3vgerundsfxparticip4nDeterminersfxRelClmco
-ncononkononPre-determinersfxdeterminer? article?Arte f117 seems to present this as a common Rel Clause suffix, alternating with -temaProbablenicononcòno