Timucua - English


na1naprtparticle between relative clause and headProbable
na2nan1person (before nominalizations)Probable2thing (before nominalizations)Probable
na-navInner applicativepfx1instrumentalConfidentnabarasocovercomp.neneninomirror2before another instrumentalProbablenNasp. var.ña-comp.nachalasocheat? do evil tonaqelonodagger, weaponnaqinoladdernarutuquabe exiled from, be banished from, be far fromder.na ijotonomaaugernacunumaglass, drinking instrumentnaebahionocompassion, mercy, pietynapalinomaknife (for cutting open an animal)napulunuhoenaseqenosawnatorisoteach
-na1naninPossessor 1sfxpfx1st per poss 'my/our'ConfidentnninNinyan
-na2nasfxsuffix after hachaquentaProbable
na ijotonomana ijotonomanaugerbarrena, taladroArte, f50Confidentder. ofna-instr instr2ihoto1perforate, chisel, bore
na ininemanona ininemanocoordconnin order to to thissp. var.naininemano
nabarasovcover, be spread overOnaqueniqe, caqi hachipile yucha iquenta eatamoqe fichilimima meleninoleqe abinoleqe, cuiumate, achico quenequa inemima nihitanimano, ano hebuachumota honihete baluta nialifobilahacu, hote taninihiqe nihetanayelaqua, hochiete, chinihiqe ychoma heta chinabaraso mohabela, ano moteleto. And indeed these two deer that he killed lived and their skin was clothes, and all the fish, when they died, if they spoke like a person would say "I died and you ate me and when you die, worms will eat and cover you," speaking like a person.1627 Cat 1.16Mocama ibinemimaque tocotema ibitaco camaco, aqùeco nubalaco, camaseco puypuyco, tilonoco quentecotacu mocamano canatorale, maninoletilenimaqui, mosima mine Diosi graciamima, anoreqema, nabarasotecote, mine tera nebeleca, toomalenechule. From the sea flow all the rivers and springs, and it is not diminished by this, nor does the water from the sea run out. Hymnus Divi Ambrosii, Magnae Deus pontentia &c Thus like this with all benefitting from the water of grace of this infinite sea of goodness and smoothness of God does not diminish.Del Mar, salen todos los Rios y fuentes, y no por esso se di sminuye, ni falta el agua del Mar, Hymnus Diui Ambrosij, Magnæ Deus potentia, &c. Pues aßi participãdo todos del agua de la gracia deste Mar infinito de bondad, y suauidad de Dios no se desminuye. Sumptus non consumitur.Coming from the waters of the sea are the rivers and water, and aque and lakes and springs and wells; but the sea is not lacking [water]. [In the same way] God's grace covers each person.CatEx f0 1.1Used in only two examples. In one case it describes the action of worms on a corpse; in the other God's grace on a person. Cover seems a reasonable guess. Perhaps this includes the applicative na- prefix.Tentativebara-so 1causna- 1ins
nabeninabenivbe unconscious, be asleepOften used in combination with sayeco 'be in ecstasy' in contexts suggesting sleep, or trance5.7SleepConfidentnaben
nabeta2nabetaadv1thereallaArte, f147Confident2place where?Tentative
nabonabo1mischiefProbable2vpraiseProbable3adjuprooted?Tentativecomp.nabosopraise honor
nabo nabonabo naboRedup1blushing with shame?Tentative2praise
nabosonabosov1praiseConfident2honorConfidentnabuosocomp. ofnabomischief praise uprooted?-socaus applied intensive
nabuchanabuča1v(be) tomorrowestar mananaelotequa naguchasohabelaHe will sing all night, or all day.Cantara toda la noche o el dia.Arte f138vConfident2nmorningmañanaConfidentnabuechonabuechanaguchanabecha
nacaquinakakwiv1perform?Probable2meet, encounter3consume, burn
nachalasonačalasov1cheat?Tentative2do evil tonachalosocomp. ofna-instr instr2chaladeceive-socaus applied intensive
-nachunačuvsfxpast perf?mine hitimano caqueninachu chimasta hauemano yniheti yninomachu[___] yutusubinco vtichaquene taynibinacoco[¿] anona vquale lebinacote equelachaquene caluba ynibinacote ynemi cachiquenechu chimastamoqe §The demons will speak to you and [recount?] the sins you committed in which place and near what and on which day [there was?] punishment, all this they will say to you. the Demons who have been accusing you will particularly give the greatest voice against you, those demons who led you to sin, declaring in which places, and in which houses, and with which people, and in which days you offended God, Lord of divine Majesty. Conf, 38 1.9Confidentnachunu
nachuanačwannailclavoArte f336.7ToolConfident
-naconakovsfx1if/whenConfident2relative clause
nacoconakokovspeak suggestively