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miniminivcome by, pass byProbableminemin
minominovarrivellegarDiosi ano namelabuonomima naboheta, nabohomita mine hebuanomima vquata yaleta ysono terama intequa hachibueno ysticoma hanta tera ynino chiqe nainta nalimo aboma naminonolete.By believing in God's mercy and observing His law and refusing all bad things and acting well, one arrives in heaven. (1612 Cat, f60v)‎‎De modo que confiando en la misericordia de Dios, y guardando su Ley, y apartandose de todo lo malo, y obrando bien, se va al Cielo.Arte lists yuque as another form; possibly the suppletive plural (f110); also at f113vConfidentminacomp.minosoreceive
minosominosovreceiveProbablecomp. ofminoarrive-so 1caus
miqimikin1armbrazoNanacumine Iesu Christoma anocomile Cruzima vnamiqimaqua, nahibisonta hitima nihamimilebuohauemichu nina huribuononima nanibuisota isonoleqe heca hachinorocomilela.Because in her, Jesus Christ our Lord died with his holy limb stretched out, and his bleeding flesh, and like that during the middle of the day he freed use from our enemies.Por que en ella Iesu Christo nuestro señor murio estirados sus sanctos miembros, y carne sagrado, y assi por medio della no[s] libró de nuestros enemigos.1612_CAT 2.1This word is typically preceded by una 'body'.Confident2branchramaDescomulgado caremano, Sanctocare communioni canatamala Aye leheco miqi yanqua cochonolenimano ayemate mulumate balunu inta monima naminote tila Naqueniqe descomulgado caremano Sancta Iglesia isomitota matileqe, Diosi mano minete quiemico bontetila.This is why they are called the excomulgated, because they don't have the comunion of the saints, and they are as branches that have been removed from a tree, as members removed form the body, they don't participate in the good vibrations that are expanded throughout other branches, or joint memebers, from here we can infer how much attention must be paid to the comunion, because we can't have God as Father or the church as mother.Por esto se llaman descomulgados, porque no tienen la comunion de los Santos, y son como ramos cortados del arbol, como miembros apartados del cuerpo, que no participan del buen humor que se esparze entre los otros ramos, o miembros unidos; y de aqui podeys colegir, quanto caso se ha de hazer de la descomunion, pues no puede tener a Dios por Padre el que no tiene la Iglesia por Madra.Movilla 1635a:f029v-030 6.1Confident
miricamirikaquantalltodoNaquene mano, Rey caremate, caqi vtichucu ano miticamate, suluquita chumosiletela. So kings and all people of this earth are like ants.Movilla 1635a:f015r-015v 2.7Elamano anomirica carososi botelahacu anocote paha oyo echeta ucuchuacare quachabosota homonincono, mine iquimileqe caro echesihetila §Take the example of one who has worked much, and with his sweat and labor earned a lot of money to pay all the debts of the city and put it in a bank so it could be given to all those who filled out his [?], in this way there could be no doubt that he would have satisfied on his part for all, and with all that might happen, that many would remain in debt, without wanting to be, or through misadventure or other cause go to call the police, and carry it to the bank to take the money.Toma el exemplo de uno que trabajasse mucho, y con su sudor y trabajo ganasse tanto dinero para satifazer a todas las deudas ciudad y lo pusiesse en un banco para que se diesse a todos aquellos que llenassen poliça suya, este tal no ay duda que auri satisfecho por su parte por todos, y con todo esso podria suceder, que muchos quedassen adeudados, sino quiesiesse, o por pereza, o por otra causa yr a pedir la poliça, y llevarla al banco para tomar el dinero.The sun illuminates (causes to be clear) all people, but if any person enters in house and shuts all the doors, it is that person's fault that he will not be illuminated (enter clear).Movilla 1635a:f017r-017v 2.1Confidentmitica
miroquamirokʷandeath, loss
misimisiv1go forwardavanzarArte, f8Confident2create?crearArte, f8Probable
misiqùilamisikʷìlavbe vigilant, watch?Appears in two passages about the cherubim who guard the gate of paradiseTentativemisicula
miso1miso1nolder brotherhermano mayorPoyna misoma. My older brotherMi hermano mayor.1612 Baptism f56r-60rProbable2nold manhombre viejoConfident3adjolderConfident
mitemitevcome, float, move?Probablemitamiti
-mitimitinPossessor 1sfx13 Poss obviative 'his/her/their' (not coreferent with the subject)Napeqecheqetama, inihimitima, namanetiquani hache.The ninth, you must not desire your neighbor's wifeEl noveno, no dessearas la muger de tu proximo.1612 Cat 10.1Nasimitilama. The son-in-law of those onesEl yerno de aquellos.1612_BAP 15.1Santo inemi equela, mitilama.All saint's dayel dia de los SantosArte f02 14.2Very frequently followed by lama, the distributed possessive affix. Possibly this is the ordinary -mi + negative -ti to give the reading 'not X's Y'?Confident23resp poss 'his'3respected possdcf-lamadistributed possessivemitymita
mitomitov1related by marriagerelacionado(adj) por matrimonioConfidentunspec. comp. formnasimitamother-in-law, father-in-lawnubuomitafather-in-lawtafimitahusband's brotheryamemitasister-in-law2adopt as childadoptar como hijoAcu christiano teracare, qiemitobontela, ona iquimileqe Dios ite muenoletela.And good Christians are his adopted children, indeed for them, God is called Father.also because he is Father of all the good people, not by birth, but by adoption, and finally because he is father of all creatures, neither by birth nor by adoption, but because he created them.y tambien, porque es Padre de todos los buenos, no por naturaleza, sino por adopcion, y finalmente, porque es Padre de todas las criaturas, no por naturaleza ni por adopcion, sino por creacion, como despues diremos en este proprio articulo.Movilla 1635a:f008r 2.2Confident3receive (grace)?Probable4take?tomar, llevar, coger, ocuparProbablemitamitò
-mitobomitobonPossessor 1sfx11pl subj/obj?Tentative2all of his/their?Tentative
-mitonomitono1nPossessor 1sfxyour (honored)2sfxhis/her (honored)3nsfxreciprocal poss?mytonomitonmitosp. var.-mìtono
-mìtonomìtonosp. var. of-mitonoyour (honored) his (respectful)
-mitota1mitotanPossessor 1sfx3plPossProbable
miya miyamija mijaRedupbe resplendentresplendecermìyamiyamiyasp. var.mia mia
mo1mov1sayHonoso nihe qibema itufama honomi lehauele mobi cho?Did you say that the first deer killed should belong to the conjuror? g1, p 1 2:1Confident2causeConfident3be (equal) Probablemamuemo
mo2moresemble (w/ chu)