Timucua - English


-mi4miv > vsfxdat.dercomp.behemihope wait forenemisee?hurusumibeing humble, contrite?ichiqimimahasomisellnacupanamitake pleasurenahiomiprovide?yalabomi
mi chuquimi tʃukʷidial. var. of-michuqui
mia miamia miasp. var. ofmiya miyabe resplendent
-michumitʃu1nsfxprev mentionArte f37Confident2vcomps attached to tensed verbsfxrel clause 'the one that Arte f37Confident3nDeterminersfxthatqe purgatoriomichu! Oh what purgatory!Arte, f8Confidentmychumìchu
michu quimitʃu kʷisp. var. of-michuqui
-michunumitʃunu1vsfxrel clause 'the one who'2prev mentioncf-chunupast perfect? dial. var.-mìchunu
-mìchunumìtʃunudial. var. of-michunuRelCl prev mention
michuquamitʃukʷaconfess (w/ fari-)Tentativecomp. of-qua4
-michuquimitʃukʷinsfxunknown affix (or sequence) which often occurs before mosidial. var.mi chuquisp. var.michu qui
Miguelmigelsp. var. ofMigueli*Michael
Miguelimiguelinprop*Michael*MigueBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedsp. var.Miguel
-milemilenPossessor 1sfx11pl ourConfident22poss hon. 'thy'3plural (after kin terms)4other poss (problematic ex)mylemìle
-milenomilenonsfx1alternate 1pl possConfident2your (referring to deity)
*milimiliadj(shining)comp.milicolightning be lustrous
milicamilikasp. var. ofmilico 1lightningcomp. of*mili-co4
milicomilikov1lightningsp. var.milica2be lustrousProbablecomp. of*mili(shining)-co4suffix on adjectival preds
minemine1pro-formrespected 3rd personpersona de respectoProbable2npersonpersonahochieno ysichiqe mineno eyobueta qeqi manda and you want to do it with another personConf, f1 1.2mine isinimano "aruquila chimante niaruquile heleqete nahiabota hache" masiqe..The person said "you think that I am a boy, but know that I am [not] a boy at all," he said.Conf, f1 1.6In this sense, often followed by the augmentative -no suffix.Confident3nsir, ladycaballero, dama Nanacu mine Iesu Christoma anocomile Cruzima vnamiqimaqua, nahibisonta hitima nihamimilebuohauemichu nina huribuononima nanibuisota isonoleqe heca hachinorocomilela.Because in her, Jesus Christ our Lord died with his holy limb stretched out, and his bleeding flesh, and like that during the middle of the day he freed use from our enemies.Por que en ella Iesu Christo nuestro señor murio estirados sus sanctos miembros, y carne sagrado, y assi por medio della no[s] libró de nuestros enemigos.1612 Cat 2.1This sense of the word acts like a title preceding the name of an honored person. Pareja in the Arte (f60v) writes "Este mine también significa el señor, ó persona de respecto"Confident4nmaster, ownermaestro, dueñoEfa mine anocomima melaba anolaThe dog is compassionate, and merciful toward his owner and children, Arte, f41Confident5pro-formselfConfidentmimeMinedial. var.mìnesp. var.myne
mìnemìnedial. var. ofmineLady; Lord person master, owner self? (s)he/it
mine cocomine kokodial. var. ofminecocorefl
minecocominekokoproreflexivereflejivodial. var.mine coco