Timucua - English


metaba utimetaba utinhot countryConfidentcomp. ofmetabautimetaba
metabometabovbe hot?Tentative
metatatacametatatakaRedup Adjunknown adj
metemetev1tell, recount?Probable2countConfident
metelemetelenfeatherplumaIsucu iribota nayo pira pequaele amala hitiqire metele atulu hachibueno eyo naquenema areconoleqe iquilabonoma ipohale manta bohota mobicho?In curing someone, have you placed in front of the sick person white feathers and new chamois and the ears of the owl and arrows which are stuck in, and then said that you will take out the evil and sickness?f152 1:1Confident
metimetivsuffer, feel compassion
meyamejaadjbe tired?Tentativecomp.cumemeapeaceful?cumeadj
meya meyameja mejaReduphumbly?Tentative
mi1miTawas hĕmèh 'come'v1goirOqe mitela.That one is goingAquel se vaArte, f60rNabeta mitalaI am going thereAlla voy.Arte, f147This verb primarily seems to mean 'go', but it a few passages it corresponds to 'come', possibly indicating an error in translationConfident2comevenir, llegar, ocurrirConfidentcf-mi2
-mi1minPossessor 1sfx3possConfidentcomp.chupisomithousand, multitudechupincuyuhasominame of a Timucua lineage (fish clan)cuyun
-mi2mivsfxaway from a reference pointThere are two distinct -mi suffixes on verbs. One is before the causative -so and the other is after it. Both enemiso and enesomi are found.) For verbs of motion, -mi seems to add a sense like 'away'. However, it also occurs with some non-motion verbs, such as boho 'believe' vs bohomi 'believe in'. Possibly in such cases, there is metaphorical ('fictive') motion.Confidentcfmi1
-mi3micardnum > ordnumsfxused to form ordinalsThis affix is always -miConfident
-mi4miv > vsfxdat.dercomp.behemihope wait forbehevenemisee?enevichiqimiichiqivmahasomisellmahasovnacupanamitake pleasurenacupanavhurusumicomp.hurusumisp. var.urusumivrusumiunspec. var.urusumivbe in a state (humble, contrite) appropriate to honoring the sabbathnahiomicomp.nahiomisp. var.nahyamicfhiamiquacomp. of-qua4vprovide?yalabomicomp.jalabomicfchiacamovunknown verb (of sensation/perception)
mi chuquimi tʃukʷidial. var. of-michuqui
mia miamia miasp. var. ofmiya miyabe resplendent
-michumitʃu1nsfxprev mentionArte f37Confident2vcomps attached to tensed verbsfxrel clause 'the one that Arte f37Confident3nDeterminersfxthatqe purgatoriomichu! Oh what purgatory!Arte, f8Confident
michu quimitʃu kʷisp. var. of-michuqui
-michunumitʃunu1vsfxrel clause 'the one who'2prev mentiondial. var.-mìchunucf-chunu
-mìchunumìtʃunudial. var. of-michunuRelCl prev mention
michuquamitʃukʷaconfess (w/ fari-)Tentativecomp. of-qua4
-michuquimitʃukʷinsfxunknown affix (or sequence) which often occurs before mosidial. var.mi chuquisp. var.michu qui