Timucua - English


-manomano1nPost-determinersfxtopicenCaqua vtimano hachaquenta naquosonole habue?How will it be done here on earth?Como se harà aca en la tierra?1612 Cat 1.1Confident2vPost -no complementizerssfxused on topical clauses, often temporalHurima minonomano atuluma horocoqe naribama ituhuaue mobi cho?On arriving on the mountain, did you order to lay the arrows together and let the conjuror say prayers over them for your benefit?f128; g1 1:1Confident
manta cumeletamanta kumeletancommandmentmandamiento
maqemake1npoisonvenenoAnoquela sulu vrutema caqi hiti iyolaribe inibeqe maqemima, inemi ninapalenta, nima qesobota ninbotechunu caqi maqemabeta pecado original. It goes with the veins of the descendents, this evil serpent's ... poison, we all inherit it, it poisons us; this poison is original sin.1627 Cat 1.14yyolaribeco, yyolayorabaco, vtimalaco, fechenico, yyolapiraco, elatubasaco, yyola yoquacareco quenema nìchicobotema, mine, maqemima, nyyquentamala? Serpents and vipers and poisonous snakes and fecheni snakes, red snakes and elatubasa snakes and other snakes bite us and their poison kills us.why did he create the animals that bite us and kill us with their venom, like serpents, vipers, and snakes?por que criò los animales que nos muerden, y mata<n> con su veneno, como con las serpientes, y las viuoras, y culebras? etc.1627 Cat 4.2Confident2vbe poisonedestar envenenadoAlways with the causative to give the transitive 'poison'Probable
maracaimarakajadjgossipingArte, f13Confident
marecamarekacardnumsixConfidentmarecoTawasa mareékah
marecangalamarekangalasp. var. ofmarecangla
marecanglamarekanglaordnumsixteensp. var.marecangala
marehebuamarehebʷaadjcrazylocoArte f13Confident
maremamaremaadv1soon, quickly2never
martiressp. var. ofmartyr
martyrmartirn*martyrBorrowedsp. var.martires
marumaruvclose (eye, shell, mouth)nayuchamincono nipita nimarusute nimonola monimano ynoninomincono anoma §The second said "I am called mouth-closer...Conf f77-79 1.4Probable
maruamaruacardnumfiveArte f6Confidentmarudial. var.maruboTawasa márouahcomp.maruangalafifteen
maruangalamaruangalaordnumfifteenquincecomp. ofmaruafiveangala1-teen (numeral base)
marubodial. var. ofmaruafive
masemasev1sayConfident2permit; causeConfident3accuse4call5order, commandProbablemasimasmosi
-matemate1sfxandIbirita cuyumate honoso henomate quene inti uquabi cho?Did you [not-AB] eat any fish or deer-meat during the catamenia?gI, p. 1 1:1Una caremaqua hachibueno, care nayalacota, caque nihaue yatala muenomate isticoqe namota bohonole bitima chisisotamano bohatiquani hach(e?).All these things, all these abuses, the tremblings of the body, the omens form the birds, from the beasts, nothing of them must be believed in.g3, p. 4 1:1Mine (h)achibueno tera inemi naya iynomate, graciamate nacumotaqe iyenotima; nocomi Dios-isomima nantela.Some great queen, rich in all virtues and graces; the true mother of God she is called.g3, p. 4 1:1Dios itimi, Dios qiemima Jesu Christo nante, Espiritu Santomate.God father, God's son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.g3, p. 4 1:1Ano qiemamate Diosi? (And) is the father God? g3, p. 4 1:1Quiemilenomate Diosi?Is the son God?g3, p. 4 1:3Probable2vsfxand (verbal)3non-coord matemàtemátecomp. of-ma1art art nom-te1 augsp. var.-matè
-matèmatèsp. var. of-mateand and (verbal) non-coord matecomp. of-ma1-te1
Mathiaquanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place-qua3 1loc
Mauquinanpropname of a Timucua cacique9.7.2Name of a place