Timucua - English


ipelo2ipelovfrangirbreak into pieces (e.g. the host, pipes)Probablesp. var.ypelo
ipelo1ipelovpisarstep onacu nìa yoquaco pochata tocohanima chito china, ipelo habele, acu numa careeyema nayobo habe quenela, chinacalubosonoma cantela caqi hiti chitoma naipelosiba michunu Diosisomiheca noconica santa MARIA nantechule, naqueniqe equelareqe istanicano. Another woman will follow and she will step on your head, and the road to heaven will be ... and you will be punished" the one who steps on the head of this demon is the mother of God our intercessor (?) Holy Mary" Another woman will break your head, who will be at battle and an enemy to you without truce, and will leave you so that you are not the head of the world and so that you do not command."1627 Cat 1.3Probableipele
iperuquaiperukʷav1drive away, frighten2destroysp. var.yperuqua
ipiluipiluvresponderreply (with hebua)cfpilumicomp.hebuapilurespond?hebua1v
ipo1ipov1desarraigar, transplantaruproot, transplantArte, f11 arrancar Confident2extinguirextinguishArte, f11 arrancar Confident3salir, quitar, revelarsecome out (in a curing ceremony)?Arte, f11 arrancar Probable4removecfipococomp. of-co4ypo
ipo2ipovbeberconsume, smoketabaco niépatileqe nimaiuteBecause I don't consume tobacco, I am without strength.Arte f123The Arte uses the expression beber tabaco, but it is not clear if this refers to smoking, chewing, or some other kind of tobacco consumption. This verb is written épa, ipo, ipa; it is not clear if these variations are merely orthographic or if there is some allomorphic relationship between them.cfiparuipopicomp.ipopintobacco
ipochoipotʃovuproot, transplant
ipocoipokov1bleed, cause blood to flow2pour outcomp. of-co4suffix on adjectival preds
ipopiipopintobaccotabacocomp. ofipo2consume, smoke
iposiiposiv1stop, remove2removesp. var.hiposiipoiposypos
ipuluipuluv1returnProbable2reply (with hebua)Confidentypulu
ipunuipununlanzalance, spearsp. var.ypunu
ipurucuipurukuvremedioremedy, helpAcu choncosota naipurucunulehe?And what is its remedy?Movilla 1635a:f101v-102r 2.3Probable
iputuvvstemsp. var.yputu
iqeiken1barromudiqe pahamahouse made of mudArte, f53Confident2suelo, tierraground, soilArte, f53Confidentsp. var.yqe
iqeloikelov1luchar, lidiarfightProbable2herir, lesionarwoundTentativecomp.naqelonodagger, weaponna-n
iqiikivsubir, ascendergo up, ascendArte f5 has 'go up/ subir'Confidentyqiiquicomp.naqinoladderna-n
iqibaikibaSpelling Variant ofiqibolaugh, mock
iqiboikibovreirselaugh, mockThis verb describes some action that one should not do in church, and that candidates for holy vows should not wish to do. It is also used in the story of a heretic who laughed at/mocked his executionersProbablesp. var.iqibayqibo
iqilabaikilabanenfermosickAno iquilabama bueta taca chaleca arecobichica?‎‎For someone who is sick, have you made a separate light or fire?f207Confidentsp. var.iqilàbaiqilamayqilauayquilabayqilabaiqilaboiquilabaiquilaboyquilaboyqilaboyqilabuoyquilabuo
iqilàbaikilàbaSpelling Variant ofiqilabasick
iqilamaikilamaSpelling Variant ofiqilabasick