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isi2isiisi1vdecirsayChitacoste?Who said it?Art f 68Confident2aux?Arte, f14 'dicho' Arte, f20Confident3vser, estarbe?Arte, f14 'dicho' Arte, f20Confidentsp. var.yseysaysiysYsisystaiste
isi1isinsangrebloodTiniboma hebuataqe iquasetiquanichinima isi tocobile bohota mocobi cho?When the woodpeckers sang, did you say you would not utter any cry, because it would cause you do bleed from the nose?Conf, f1 1.1Nanacu, numa eatecaremate, vti eatacaremate atimo pacuta hebano letantela, queniqe anomano, vna oquomate, atichicolomate, monoletela hacu sulucaremate, yabicaremate, isimate, orobisino mate, cume echeno mate, manino mate, nahitema nabiabono leuila, §Because in the sky and on earth, is included all that is in the sky and on earth: as when one says that man has a body and soul, it is understood also that he has all the things that are found in the body, like veins, blood, bones, and nerves, etc.Movilla 1635a:f009r 2.1Dios Qiemi virolepononema, mine isimitonomate, mine isticoconino mitono mate, mine nihino mitono mate, heca nina mahasobota, Valunu nanemima, ninaminosobonihaue mabetaleqe, anonaurisibama monolenela. the son of God became man to redeem us with his blood, and to guide us to eternal life, so when he became human, he took this name: the Savior.When God's son became a man, he redeemed us with the Lord's blood and passion and death in order for us to receive eternal life, he is called Savior.Movilla 1635a:f010r-010v 2.4Quenelahacu Sancta Maria eta valune mano naqerota ituhutequa, vhubisono toro, tapatoro, isitoro quenemate, eta valunela, onaqueniqe, Sancta Maria vlequanotiqua mate, aquitasiqeleta, vlequanimate, aquitasiqeleta, vlequanima ofonomate. But Holy Mary when she gave birth...prayed so that without distress (?), without crying, and without blood, she gave birth. Indeed it was so, and Holy Mary before having a child, was a virgin while giving birth and a virgin after giving birth.Movilla 1635a:f013v 2.4Confidentysiysi eyecomp.isi eyenveinano ysi ypoconihabemano ysucu ysi, ipocono, terusu hemosiqetanimano ysioyema nahiabota cantenomanta ypocohabe naqebimichuqui mosimano hecate naquosonta habemano caqi ysi eyemano, nipitama nantaqe yniheti yninomile nipitama naypocotana orobininoma nantela,§ A person who is to be bled [seeks] a doctor who bleeds well and who knows the vein...This vein is like [lit. called] the mouth and our sins flow from the mouth and this is called confession.naquenema terunuma natacuba anoletemano, nipita mitilamano ysi oyechietamala ysimano yniheti yninomante ysucu ysi ypocotemano Itimileno ano orobotemante quentela naquenole orobininiqe ysi ipocono terusachu mosota yniheti yninomile, ano orobono terusu habele caqi yniheti yninomanoquasilifale hecho nuuobole hecho quene poquatilenimano hibuata, yhubitequa lutunimaqua tapoti mota soto tomonole bimichuqui mosimano, caqi ysi, nacaricarimamano, yniheti yninoma nantela naquenema, §And so the good judge says... the mouth...is a vein. The doctor who bleeds away sin is surely the priest confessor. Being confessed is causing the blood to flow, and the one who will confess our sinsysiocotaunspec. comp. formisiokotanembryo
isi isiisi isiadjbloodysangriente
isicaisikandwarf, lameThis word refers to some disability, but it is not completely clear from the text.sp. var.ysicasica urucomp.sika uruvbe a dwarf?
isicoraisikoraadjúltimofinalUlena ysicoraMy last child, who was born in shitcfisinaho
isinahoisinahonheces, escoriadregs, scumcfisicora
isinihemitiisinihemitiadjmiserabledespicable, miserableProbableysinihemiti
isisoisisov1reprehender, reñirrebukenisisotaqe nipileBecause they rebuked me, I came backArte f123Often found in proximity to the verb iquitimo 'insult'2argue withYuricota ynihimi ysisosintequa niaeyo huta tanayela mobicho?While arguing with your husband, have you said that you went with another woman?Conf, f1 1.1With the reciprocal suffix -sini.3insult4warn?Tentativecfiquitimocomp. of-timoysisosiso
iso1isoDialectal Variant ofisacohappycomp. of-co4*isamothercomp.chupisomithousand, multitudethousand, multitudecomp.isayachegrandmothergrandmother
iso2isov1tener, sostener, mantenerhave, holdArte, f14 'dicho' Arte, f20Confident2hacer, realizarmake; doArte, f14 'dicho' Arte, f20Confident3utlizar, usar, useArte, f14 'dicho' Arte, f20Confidentcf-co4istico-tiysosoYsoysaisoysYsisisa
isoniisonipostsake, behalf
isono teraisono teranbenefitbeneficiocomp. ofiso2 3useteragood
isticoistiko1nmaloevilIsticolete inemima nibalubuonihabue nimobuotemano, hachaquene isticonco nibalubuonihabue?From which evils do we ask that God deliver us when we say 'and deliver us from evil'?Pareja 1612:38v-39r 1.12vdo evilConfident3vsufferConfident4adjbadConfidentsp. var.isticòcf-co4iso2-tiistecoysticoyisticoistococomp.cumesticosadcumeadjisticohiyocomp.istikohijosp. var.isticohyovscorn, treat contempuously
isticòistikòSpelling Variant ofisticodo evil
isticocoistikoko1ntormentotormentqe hiti pahama isticocosono caremichu?Oh what torments there are in hell!Arte f008Confident2adjbad-tastingConfident3adjbadConfidentysticoco
isticocobaistikokobaRedup Adjvery bad
isticohiyoistikohijosp. var.isticohyovscorn, treat contempuouslycomp. ofisticodo evilhioputistico
isticohyoSpelling Variant ofisticohiyoscorn, treat contempuouslycomp. ofisticohio
istihuistihuvpray (evil words)
istitaistitaSpelling Variant ofistiti2debt, offense, trespass
istiti1istitiSpelling Variant ofistiti2debt, offense, trespassbeautiful wicked? bad?
istiti2istitindeuda, ofensa, entrar ilegalmentedebt, offense, trespasssp. var.istitaistiti1beautiful wicked? bad?