Timucua - English


hiribahiribavbe lackingcarecer deTuquino lehabema, equela hiribalaFor the meeting that would be, time is lackingArte, f18; apparently needs a plural subjectConfidentcomp.Potohiriba
hitahitaunknown (now? day?)Tentative
hitihitin1evil, demonmal, demonioHitima caqi Sacramento na orobininoma isotani ma nahitaqe na anecososiromanetela.‎‎The devil wants to impede the effect of this holy sacrament of communion.Conf, f019-021 (part 1)Confident2devil, demonhetihytihityhytycomp.hitichocoloevil spirithitiqiribarn owl
hiti hicahiti hikanhellinfiernoConfidenthytihycahitihycahitìhicasp. var.hitihica
hiti pahahiti pahanhellinfiernoConfidenthytipahahitipaha
hitichocolohititʃokolonevil spiritdemonioAnoyahota hitichocolo echeta yribotaqe Itimileno San Francisco, nayaritema nanta vrutuquataqe§ An evil spirit entered and remained in a person and St Francis was passing and they called him to cast it out. (?)From a possessed person, the Devil responded to a minor friar who conjured him, De un endemoniado, respondió el Demonio a un fraile menor que le conjuraba, Conf, f2 1.1Probablecomp. ofhitievil, demonchocoloside (of the body)
hitihicahitihikasp. var. ofhiti hicahell
hitihutahitihutanperson possessed by spiritsendemoniadoPauia hicaquoma S Bernardo hitihutama vrutuquasihabeleta yriboqe hitima ysinimano §In the city of Pavia, St Bernard exorcised a possessed man...The mellifluous Saint Bernard, passing through the city of Pavia, exorcised a possessed man...Pasando el melifluo San Bernardo, por la ciudad de Pavia, conjuró a un endemoniado, ...Conf f77-79 1.1Probable
hitiqirihitikirinbarn owlbuhoPossibly this contains hiti 'evil' as a component, connected to the belief that this type of owl is malevolent1.6.1.2BirdConfidenthitiqirecomp. ofhitievil, demon
hitumohitumovruncorrer, huir, Arte, f18; Maybe this is a reduplicated root with mo?Confident
hituquahitukʷavappreciateestimarThis verb is always followed by mani 'think'.
hiyoniqilehijonikilevprepare forProbablehioniqelehioniqelo
hohodial. var. ofhonihe2Ilove (with mani)
ho-honpfx1st personReported as a prefix by Granberry, but most putative examples are probably examples of the 1st person pronoun ho.Dubious
hobahobavrevere (with mani)reverenciarProbable
hoba hobahoba hobaRedupinsistentlyencarecidamente
hobasohobasov1loveamar, quererHachibueno care inemi ofuenoma Diosi hubuasonolehauemano hachibuenoconte?‎‎What is it to love God above all things?‎‎Que es amar a Dios sobre todas las cosas?1612 Cat, f57v-58rThe verb hibuaso 'love' appears be derived with the causative -so from hibua 'speak' but the semantic relationship is irregular.Confident2receive?Tentativehubuasohibuasahubasohobuasohubaasohobosovbuasohibuasohabuosohauosohuuasohouasohubuahubuasaabuosohubasahuaso
hobatinehobatinenname of a Timucua lineage
hochahotʃanswampcienega, cienegalArte, f33synyalu1Confident
hochiehotʃiehotʃiheproyouConfidenthochiochiehochiheHochiheTawasa hé
hochohotʃov1be lostHachibueno hochoco chi yateta hanimano Iglesia peqeta hache, If you find a lost thing, place it in the church. As lo de poner en la Iglesia, para que su dueño lo conozca, y si no le pareciere dueño darse a pobres o otra obra pia.Conf, f1 1.1Probable2fall
hochopuenohotʃopʷenovunknown verb (fall? be heavy?)Tentativehochopuen
hoihoi1prtbe satisfied? (with mani)Tentative2adjsatisfied?Tentativesp. var.hòy
holaholankind of food