Timucua - English


hochahotʃanswampcienega, cienegalArte, f33synyalu1Confident
hochiehotʃiehotʃiheTawasa héproyouConfident
hochohotʃovbe lostHachibueno hochoco chi yateta hanimano Iglesia peqeta hache, If you find a lost thing, place it in the church. As lo de poner en la Iglesia, para que su dueño lo conozca, y si no le pareciere dueño darse a pobres o otra obra pia.Conf, f1 1.1Probable
hochopuenohotʃopʷenovunknown verb (fall? be heavy?)Tentative
hoihoi1prtbe satisfied? (with mani)Tentative2adjsatisfied?Tentativesp. var.hòy
holaholankind of food
holaqitinoholakitinoncorn fritterchurro de maiz
holataholata1vbe chiefser jefe4.6.6.5PoliticsConfident2nchiefjefeAnonaio holata yoqua caremate eiatamalahacunaquimosi nienebobitilaand there were other white chiefs but we also didn't see them like thisTimucua letter4.6.6.5PoliticsConfidentdial. var.holota
holocotoholokoto1nunknown noun (cave?)Tentative2adjhollow
holotaholotadial. var. ofholatabe chief chief
holotimoholotimovunknown verb
homanihomanivloveamarNanacu homanisita vhasota nabosota cobuosota mine Iesu Christoma Iglesiama cumelestanima qui mosota mohabela.Lovingly and wisely, as Christ is with the church.Amorosa y cuerdamente como Christo con la Iglesia.Arte f42 hòmani 'dear, beloved'; This verb is always followed by -si in my corpus, so possibly that is a part of the stem, rather than a separate causative or malefactive.Confident
homihomivunknown verb
homohomoTawasa âssick-hóomah 'full moon'v1finishterminar, finalizar, acabarTapola nihomotela.A se me acabó el maiz.Arte f13 2:1Confident2go, end up (in a certain place)parar,finalizarArte f132 homo 'bamanos' homa 'acabose o acabaronse?'Confidentcomp.yabihomobe tiredyabiv
honihe1honihe1intendingNihitaruqe honihe holatalesiro manibi cho?Did you desire the chief's death to succeed him?f185; g3 1:1Probable2searching, seeking
honihe2honiheTawasa oūproIyoConfidentdial. var.holove (with mani)
honohono1nfoodcomidaConfidentaya honofruitaya2veat?comerTentativedial. var.ono
honopochahonopotʃanwomb? fetus?vientreIt is not clear from the examples quite what this word means. It is some part of reproductive cycle.Probable
honostahonostanfoodcomidaOna quostanayeno qere cuyumate hanta niyamate hanta honosta inemihanta calaninomate hanta ... quosobicho?And to do the above [i.e. bewitching someone], have you considered it a sin to eat fish and shave yourself and to sleep with your wife...?Y para hazer lo dicho, as tenido por peccado el comer pescado y el afeitar, y el dormir con tu muger...?Conf, f1 1.1Although this form looks rather like a verb (with final -s and -ta), it seems to be used nominally in the examples.Probable
honotimohonotimovunknown verbHapax Legomenoncomp. of-timo
hoponhoponvunknown verb (prevent? impede?)Tentative
hoqehokenrain stormtormentaTentativecfuqui