Timucua - English


hibehibenlousepiojoArte, f341.6.1.7InsectConfident
hibihibiv1take the handProbable2hold (the mouth)Tentative3drive awayTentative4take as a slave?Probable
hibosp. var. ofhibualive, remain say occur sit
hibuahibʷav1live, remainCaqi minequa iyenotincono chanco hibuante?Where dwells this grand queen?Donde está tan grande Señora?1612 Cat, f50Confident2saydecir, comentarConfident3occurocurrir, suceder, acontecerPending4sitsentarseConfidentcomp.aya hibuadefecatehibabuahybuahybahiuahibuohivahihahibùasp. var.hibohìbuahiguaTawasa héwăh
hìbuahìbʷasp. var. ofhibualive, remain say occur sit
hibuanohibʷanosp. var. ofhebuano1something
hicahikanvillagepuebloHicaye ano niye uquata ituhuteco hibuataqe nate naquenta hanimate manibi cho?Did you consent that some people of your village recite incantations over some herbs?Conf, f185; g3, p. 489,ConfidentNapuicacomp.hica chiahicapaca1streethicaquobacityhicaquomacityhicayayicityIbihicaNiahicaUrihicaunspec. comp. formHicachiricohicapaca2
hica chiahika tʃiancitizens, rights-holdersAcu nahapumima itemine anoqiemitote hica chia letema yanacu ite eyole hanimate, ite hicachia licencia quachini qe The third is; that the consent of both parties is free, and not forced from a large fear; and it is declared with words, or other equivalent signals; and Whosoever of three things missing, will make the marriage invalid.La tercera es; que el consentimiento de ambas partes sea libre, y no forzado de un grande temor; y que sea declarado con palabras, ù otras señales equivalentes; y qualquiera de estas tres cosas que falte, hará el Matrimonio invalido,Movilla 1635a:f083r-083v 3.4The example that for a marriage to be legitimate the fathers must both be hicachia. Probablecomp. ofhicavillagechia1ownersp. var.hicachia
Hicacharicosp. var. ofHicachiricounspec. comp. form ofhicachirico
hicachiahikatʃiasp. var. ofhica chiacomp. ofhicachia1
Hicachiriconpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a placeunspec. comp. form ofhicavillagechiricosmallsp. var.Hicacharico
hicapaca1hikapakanstreetcalleArte f35Confidentcomp. ofhicavillage*paca
hicapaca2ndesertdesiertoIt is puzzling that Pareja translates hicapaca as 'street' in his Arte, but in texts it often seems to mean 'desert'.unspec. comp. form ofhicavillage
hicaquobahikakʷobancityciudadConfidentcomp. ofhicavillageiquobalarge
hicaquomahikakʷomancityciudadcomp. ofhicavillageiquobalarge
hicayayihikajajincityciudadNahitela naquenema Esaias: Istanimano namotemano mine istico inino mimaqua na-iribota hebuata nelacare chienta, Sodoma hicayayima, anoma isomoni michuqui mosotema nahitela.Of these people says the prophet Esais: ... They have praised and publicly exhibited their sins, like those of the city of Sodom.g3, p. 4 1.1Confidentcomp. ofhicavillageyayibig, strong be a virtue important be worth
hichirasp. var. ofichirawinter
hicohikov1live with, be withProbable2watch over (animals)
hicotimonohikotimonosp. var. ofhiquotimonomiraclecomp. ofhiquotimo-no1 1
hiereba arecahiereba arekanmetalworkerherreroConfident
Hierusalemhierusalemsp. var. ofIerusalem*Jerusalem
higuasp. var. ofhibualive, remain say occur sit
higuerahigueran*fig tree*higueraBorrowedsp. var.hiheracomp.higuerayefig tree