Timucua - English


hemihemiv1unknown verb (be strong, worthy?)Tentative2be obliged
hemosihemosi1vrepeatConfident2adjworthy?Probable3vubd stemhabitual action?Probablehemossihemosy
henohenon1meatcarneProbable2foodcomidaProbablecomp. ofhe 1eat-no1 1nmlz
henosohenosonunknown fish or water animalPueloco guacapeco henosoco tumeco, chapoco, sucu sico cuyuqichico, inereqe inema, melo toomamate henta hauema ... the puelo, the guacape, the henoso, the tume, the chapo, the sucusi, all the little fish and all the shellfish to be eaten1627 Cat animalsProbable
hepoheponreedcañaArte, f17Confident
heqebichihekebitʃiv1end upProbable2unknown (be humble? be foremost?)Tentativeheqevichi
*hereheremenacecomp.herecolook at with evil eye? menace?
here herehere hereadvmenacing
herecoherekovlook at with evil eye? menace?Tentativecomp. of-co4suffix on adjectival preds*heremenace
herege1heregesp. var. ofherejesp. var. ofHerejes
herejeerehesp. var.herege1sp. var. ofHerejesheretic
herejeserehessp. var. ofHerejesheretic
Herejeserehesnheretic(s)HerejeConfidentsp. var.herejeherejes
-heroherovcomps attached to tensed verbsfxdesiderative complement, typicall different subjectheracomp. of-hefuture-rodesirsp. var.-giro
herusalemherusalemsp. var. ofIerusalem*Jerusalem
Herusalemherusalemsp. var. ofIerusalem*Jerusalem
hesobohesobovconsume, eat?Often used in passages describing consumption of the eucharist
hetabihetabisp. var. ofetabiaccompany, eat with
hetecohetekosp. var. offetecoask in prayer (for mercy)unspec. var. offetecoask in prayer (for mercy)
hetecososp. var. offetecoso
hiahiangood? well?el bien, provecho,Elono hiathe good singerArte f52Confident
hiamiquahiamikʷavbe possible, have the power tocfnahiomiprovide?comp. of-mi4comp. of-qua4sp. var.hyamiqua