Timucua - English


hebuapiluhebuapiluvrespondEua hebuapiluta camotechunu, ...Eve respondedProbablecomp. ofhebuaipiluhebua
hebuahebʷa1vspeakhablarConfident2vcry, sing (of a bird)cantar (de pajaro)Confident3voccur?Tentative4teaching (with eca-si)Confidentsp. var.hebuuhebuapilucomp.hebuapiluvrespondEua hebuapiluta camotechunu, ...Eve respondedyribota hebanocomp.jribota hebanonsermon
hebuaquahebuakʷavobeyobedecer, hacer caso a, obrar de acuerdo con,Often in combination with vtitatile 'serve'Confidentcfvtitatile
hebuuhebuusp. var. ofhebuaspeak occur? teaching (with eca-si)
hecahekasp. var.hecàsp. var. ofeca1teach bring take be against (with emoqua)1pl 'we, us, our' this? you (pl)
hecàhekàsp. var. ofheca1pl 'we, us, our' this? you (pl)sp. var. ofeca1
heca itimileheka itimilenpaternoster, Our FatherProbable
hechehetʃedial. var. ofeche 4wear
-hecohekovPost -ta Complementizerssfx1ifArte f8 gives several examplesConfident2ifArte f8 gives several examplesConfident
heeheevbe stunned, surprised? (with mani)Tentative
-helahelavsfx1should beArte f108 many exx; seems to alternate with -hena(cu), -helechuConfident2might be
Helacacomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place
helehelenbald personcalvosyncalabaConfident
-helechuheletʃuvsfxwould have been
-heleqeteheleketevsfx1not at allConfident2worthy of being?Tentative3do even this
helo helohelo heloRedupdisgusting?asqueroso?Tentative
hemihemiv1unknown verb (be strong, worthy?)Tentative2be obliged
hemosihemosi1vrepeatConfident2adjworthy?Probable3vubd stemhabitual action?Probable
henohenon1meatProbable2foodProbablecomp. ofhe 1-no1 1he
henosohenosonunknown fish or water animalPueloco guacapeco henosoco tumeco, chapoco, sucu sico cuyuqichico, inereqe inema, melo toomamate henta hauema ... the puelo, the guacape, the henoso, the tume, the chapo, the sucusi, all the little fish and all the shellfish to be eaten1627 Cat animalsProbable
hepoheponreedcañaArte, f17Confident