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halamovturn, return
halaqihalakivbe irritating, disgustingenfadarCume vlechiqua ano equetelesta nubatimota, huecareqela, michute, ichiqe qelacaremate chocolo qelamichute obachamota quosoqeqere, cume orabono oso acoma, naminosoniqe, ofonomano, ine eyomano halaqita, cachisotamosota, ...arrived with the greatest reverence and humility, and turning to kiss the wounds of the hands, and feet, and side, such was the sweeteness and comfort that he felt in his soul and body that from then on, everything else disgusted him and was bitter, and he only found sweetness in hearing and talking of God and in seeing and kissing the images of Christ, and in kissing his wounds, even though they were painted. llegose con grandissima reverencia, y humildad, y dandole a besar las llagas de las manos, y pies, y costado, fue tanta la dulzura y consuelo que sintio en su alma, y cuerpo, que de alli a delante, todo le enfadava, y le amargava, ...Movilla 1635a:f151v-152v 3.1Probable
halibohalibovdrink, ingest, take (a poison)?Tentative
halifilahalifilan1youthjuventudArte f12The texts show both the spellings with ...fila and ... sila, but we also see ..hila in some cases. Since f/h alternations are seen elsewhere, this seems to indicate that <f> is probably correct.Confident2youthjuventudPareja (1612) says that some speakers say halifila and others say alihilaConfidenthalihilaalifilasp. var.alihilahalifoaccompany? reveal (in the confession)? behave (in a certain way)Misprintalisilahalisila
halifohalifosp. var.halisosp. var. ofhalifilayouthaccompany? reveal (in the confession)? behave (in a certain way)
halisosp. var. ofhalifoaccompany? reveal (in the confession)? behave (in a certain way)sp. var. ofhalifila
haluhalunsalivasalibaArte, f34Confident
hamehamesp. var. ofhamipossessed thing owner
hamihamin1possessed thingcosa que se poseeGr. 'have, own, possess; owner, possessor, Lord'. Arte gives an example hamiaie? is that yours? which suggests maybe 'possessed thing' is closerConfident2ownerDueñoGr. 'have, own, possess; owner, possessor, Lord'. Arte gives an example hamiaie? is that yours? which suggests maybe 'possessed thing' is closerConfidenthaniamihaminsp. var.hameCf. Ct ammi, chimmi, immi 'mine, yours, his'
hamuluhamuluvunknown verbHapax Legomenon
-hanhansp. var. of-haueirrealisunspec. var. of-haueirrealisirr
-hanano hanano vsfx1subjunctive?Probable2future:1shanahanaenohanano
-hanayehanajevsfxwhen/if (oft preceded by -ta)
hanihani1vfail to do; refuse to donegarse a hacer; dejar de hacerAcu atichicolo inihauema equelareqema Diosima nahebuata atichicolo nabaluhaue mota ytuhuta diosima natamalonolehauema iquitosatiqua nihantema chanimane cocoletela.Thus I accuse myself and it weighs on me that I failed to take care to commend myself each day to God, working carefully for the salvation of my soul.Assi mesmo me acuso y me pessa no aver tenido cuydado cada dia de encomendarme a Dios, procurando con todo cuidado la salvacion de mi anima.Conf, f1 1.1Iqilabaco hachibueno chitacatostaque uquata acu taorobono hanibicho?If a sick person offered you something have you taken it all and refused to return to cure?After someone ill has given you something to be cured, have you not returned until he pays you more?Conf, f1 1.1Hochie chiquimileqe anoco Missaleno hanibi?Were you at fault in causing someone to fail to hear Mass?Por tu culpa o causa ha dexado alguno de oyr Missa?‎‎Conf, f1 1.1Ynifaye nayuricota hono namahatota hebuanotera hebuatanima hanisobicho?Being angry, did you fail to feed your husband and have you not done what he commanded?Estando enojado as dexado de dar de comer a tu marido y no has hecho lo que te manda?Conf, f1 1.1Confident2vabandon; leaveabandonar; irseIudio yayicaremichu, iurica acoleta Longino nocomi hebanima betaleqe iqueni haue hebamoqe longino nahiabota, qere soldado caremichute, nepasinibota, Ierusalem hicama hanta, Capadocia hicama nebalomimala. Because the important Jews were very angry when Longinus spoke truthfully, they spoke to kill him, and Longinus knew it and the soldiers who were with him accompanied him and left the village of Jerusalem and [went to] the village of Cappadocia.Los Iudios viendo que no les queria obedecer, ni callar lo que sabia, trasavan de le matar. El supolo, y fuesse con algunos de sus soldados a vivir a la Ciudad de Capadocia, MovDoc ( 4.1Confident3voccur?Probable4vremovequitar...Capilla chiquino michu hanisota nubatimasibala. ... and took off his hat, bowed his head, showing respect to them, ...... y quitando la capilla bajó la cabeza, haziendolas reverencia, ...Movilla 2.1Probable5Auxaux?Probable6vnot existTentative7vfinishhonihansp. var.hany
-hanihanivsfxirrealis 2intahaninco intahabela honihete naqúosohani anomaniqe.what will happen happens, I have to do itArte f38 3:1Confidenthanehanohan
hanihetimohanihetimov1do regularly, frequentlyProbable2be familiar withcomp. of-timopart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?
-hanimahanimavPost -ta Complementizerssfx1althoughConfident2whenProbable3ifhanemanima
hanyhanisp. var. ofhaninot do; refuse to do abandon cease occur? remove aux? not exist miss, fail to observe leave
hapehapevobtain? possess?Tentativecfhapelohold, carry
hapelohapelovhold (esp. a baby), carryen los brazosnaquene pilanincoqua nia nihemichunu tacatoriricachiqe napalinta aruqui mate toriricataqe hutata apelota And so that the night the woman who died [appeared] with blazing fire [around] and holding a baby in flamesConf, f3 1.8...Dios isomitonoma, Aruqui hapelota, elote caremichu tahuratimasiboniqe...Some priests were singing and performing the "Salve" and the Mother of God, holding the child, appeared to the singers. Accompanying her were (many) angels and holy virgins....apareciose nuestra Señora hermosissima con su niño IESUS en los brazos delante de [los cantantes]...Movilla 1635a:f163v-164 1.1Probablecfhapeobtain? possess?sp. var.apelo
hapetahapetaadvquicklysp. var.apeta
hapu1hapuv1cheatNurabota nachalosota nahapubicho?‎‎Have you lied in games?f176Confident2gamble?Probablepuhaapu
hapu2hapucardnumthreeConfidentapuTawasa hóp-hocomp.hapuangalathirteenhapulenotrinitypiqinapueighttumahaputhirty