Timucua - English


hachicalubohatʃikalubonpunishmentcomp. of*hachicalubocalubo
hachinacachihatʃinakatʃiv1suffer, lament2call to heaven (of sins)3seize?comp. of*hachicachi*hachi
hachinarahatʃinaraadv1always, eternallyinfinitaPuzzling example at Arte, f127 hachinarami hebuastela 'Quejas tiene o quejase de Pedro o de etc.'Naquentemabetaleqe isticoco intahachi naramino toomaletema, euenohionoco quentema, mine Diosi anocomilequa, behemita nabohomita quosonoletaqe minequa maniqe balunuleqe motema balunumate nihinomate minequa yaijla, Therefore, in only this Lord God one must hope and trust in all tribulation, travail and disease. Then, when he is served, the sick becomes healthy, and when it is God’s will, the sick dies or lives because He is the Lord of life and death. Por lo qual, en solo este Señor Dios se a de esperar, y confiar en toda tribulacion y trabajo, y enfermedad. Pues quando el es seruido el enfermo sana, y quando es su voluntad, muere, o viue, por que el es el Señor de la vida y muerte. Thus, with all these eternal torments and disease, we must hope and believe in God, our lord; he is the lord of life and death; he is strong1612 Bap 6.6Hitima eatemate Christiano ystico nihemate Christianotimate quene minostaqe achinara misono aco hachiara misota eatema nantelaEs el de los Demonios y condenados a perpetuo tormento lloro y rabia del qual Dios nos libre por su infinita misericordia.Demons live there and bad Christians who are dead and heathens come to it and they they stay there eternally.1612 Cat 2.1This word is always followed by mi.Confident2neverPuzzling example at Arte, f127 hachinarami hebuastela 'Quejas tiene o quejase de Pedro o de etc.'Confident
hachinorocohatʃinorokonweaponsNaquenema hachaqueniqe Santa Cruzima hachinorocomito tavquanolete.Because with this holy cross, we take it as a weapon Nanacumine Iesu Christoma anocomile Cruzima vnamiqimaqua, nahibisonta hitima nihamimilebuohauemichu nina huribuononima nanibuisota isonoleqe heca hachinorocomilela.Because in her, Jesus Christ our Lord died with his holy limb stretched out, and his bleeding flesh, and like that during the middle of the day he freed use from our enemies.Hequenacu christianoma hachinoroco milenomano hachibuenoconte.Now what are our Christian weapons?Let us see how what the sign and weapons of the Christian are.Probablecomp. of*hachinoroco*hachi
hachipachahatʃipatʃan1possessions, propertyConfident2rewards?Confidenthachi 1
hachipilehatʃipilenanimalEquela, namarecamima, Viernes equela nante caqi, vtichunco inemima, Dios hulubonta [Folio 30v] ysamolonta, quanuntasiro, maninimano, hachipile inereqe inema siqi habeleta, camontechule.The sixth day, since God wanted to adorn the earth, he said to it, produce and create all the animals, big and small, and then immediately it produced them.Confidentsp. var.hachìpilecomp. of*hachi
hachìpilehatʃìpilesp. var. ofhachipileanimalcomp. of*hachi
hachitimohatʃitimovbe miraculousOften used in combination with hiquotimo. It is apparently a near synonym of this word.sp. var.hachitìmohachìtìmocomp. of-timo
hachitìmohatʃitìmosp. var. ofhachitimocomp. of-timo
hachìtìmohatʃìtìmosp. var. ofhachitimocomp. of-timo
hachitocohatʃitokovcover, decorate
hachohatʃointerrogwhatquéDios yanqua bohotala, hachonco mota isino?Que quiere dezir en Dios?MovDoc f 1.1Nahostanachu toomo ponamano nahiabotela articulo namaruamima infiernos carema tapitata equela nahapumima valuta toconima bohotalemonoletenco ni tolobososinihabe, infierno mano hachoncoleqe?All that (was) explained to me I understand; I believe the fifth article (which is) that he descended to the hells and on the third day lived and came out; it will be explained to me what is hell.Yo he entendido muy bien lo que me aveis dicho, y para entender el quinto articulo que dixe (baxo al infierno, al tercero dia resucito de entre los muertos) desseo saber, que significa este lugar de infierno.MovDoc f 2.1Probabledial. var.acho
haiarohaiarosp. var. ofhayaro
halaqihalakivbe irritating, disgustingenfadarCume vlechiqua ano equetelesta nobatinota, huecareqela, michute, ichiqe qelacaremate chocolo qelamichute obachamota quosoqeqere, cume orabono oso acoma, naminoso#iqe, ofonomano, ine eyomano halaqita, cachisotamosota, ... llegase con grandissima reverencia, y humildad, y dandole a besar las llagas de las manos, y pies, y costado, fue tanta la dulzura y confucio que sintio en su alma, y cuerpo, que de alli a delante, todo le enfadava, y le amargava, ...MovDoc ( 3.1Probable
halibohalibovdrink, ingest, take (a poison)?Tentative
halifilahalisilan1youthjuventudArte f12The texts show both the spellings with ...fila and ... sila, but ..sila seems to be more common.Confident2youthjuventudPareja (1612) says that some speakers say halifila and others say alihilaConfidentdial. var.alihila
halifohalifov1accompany?Probable2reveal (in the confession)?Tentative3behave (in a certain way)
haluhalunsalivasalibaArte, f34Confident
hamehamesp. var. ofhamipossessed thing owner
hamihamiCf. Ct ammi, chimmi, immi 'mine, yours, his'n1possessed thingcosa que se poseeGr. 'have, own, possess; owner, possessor, Lord'. Arte gives an example hamiaie? is that yours? which suggests maybe 'possessed thing' is closerConfident2ownerDueñoGr. 'have, own, possess; owner, possessor, Lord'. Arte gives an example hamiaie? is that yours? which suggests maybe 'possessed thing' is closerConfidentsp. var.hame
hamuluhamuluvunknown verbHapax Legomenon
-hanhansp. var. of-haueirrealisunspec. var. of-haueirrealisirr