Timucua - English


chequetatʃekʷetacardnumfourConfidentcheqetachaqetasp. var.cheqetecheqetochequentaTawasa checúttahcomp.chequetangalafourteenpeqecheqetanine
chequetangalatʃekʷetangalacardnumfourteenAcu heca ininoletahaue ninahiabobotemano los articulos de la fee,monoma cheqetangalama caqi ysinococoma muluacoma nantanimano, mine Dios anocomile, nainima inemi, nanahebuataqe, naquenelebo hacooenltahaue naistaqe nante acu heca ysomile sancta Iglesiama hebunaonecasibotanima inemimate naquenele manda bohotecho?So too do you believe the fourteen Article of Faith which are enclosed in the [Fol. 12v] Creed, and do you believe all that our Holy Mother Church has, believes, and teaches? do you believe it so?Assi mesmo crees los catorce Articulos de la fee, que se encierran en el [fol 12v] Credo, y crees todo aquello que tiene, cree y enseña nuestra Madre sancta Iglesia, creeslo assi?Also, these things that we must know to do, the so-called fourteen "articles of faith", these many sayings and great principles, God, our Lord, everything he says in the Creed, and everything our Holy Mother Church teaches, do you believe this? 1612_BAP 11.1Confidentchequetãgalacheqetangalacomp. ofchequetafourangala1-teen (numeral base)
cherubintʃerubinsp. var. ofCherubiniCherubim
cherubinestʃerubinessp. var. ofCherubiniCherubim
cherubinitʃerubinisp. var. ofCherubiniCherubim
Cherubinitʃerubinin*Cherubim*QuerubinBorrowedCherubineCerubiniCerubinsp. var.Cerubinescherubincherubinescherubini
cheuesotʃeʷesovrestrainsp. var.chebeso
chi -tʃi vSubj agrpfxsfx12nd personConfident22nd personConfident32nd personConfidentcichchichchyChichi
*chi2tʃincomponent of lineage namesConfidentcomp.apichi1name of a Timucua lineagechulufichiname of a Timucua lineage
*chi1tʃivcomponent in emotion verbscomp.birichicume manichimercy?horochimelachiorachibe happy, well-offulechibe humble
chi tooribatʃi tooribasp. var. ofchito horibahour noon?
chia1tʃianownerdueñoConfidentcomp.hica chia
chiacamotʃiakamovunknown verb (of sensation/perception)cfyalabomicomp. of-mi4
chibitʃibivreflect, consider?
Chicafayo la Madalenanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
chicalitʃikalivadd, mixanadir, mezclarArte, f11; Arte f127Huri melaso habueleta naye atuluma mareca ahanaye quranoma marecaquene nachicalisota paluta nayoco eyaso yaquilaco eyasoquosta elota nabue chasota aya pahama ta iribosono lehabe mobicho?To go hunting deer and to burn a pile of straw to hunt them, have you made six arrows and six splinters of oak, and mixing a yaquila all between a woven cloth, and singing all night, and then you will go hunting and that you will catch many, have you said this?Conf, f1 1.1Confident
chicasitʃikasivadd, mixadherir, mezclarArte, f11ConfidentMusk PILE UP (Cr cikí:hí: 'pile up', cikhí: 'piled up' (Ma), cikí:heyc-ita / cikaksí:cita 'pile up'; ·H cikakna:ci- 'pile up ínto a cone' (G: tchigaknadshik omiti 'they were piling, heaping up into a cone'); K cikki:ka 'lie in a heap'; Ct cikiha 'thick and close together, like corn or piles of manure' (B: chikihah), Cs cikkibbi 'be in a pile'.)
chicobatʃikoba1nsaintly personpersona santaNa hapumimano anomirica nataloco ninole hauemano santo terachicobacare, vtichucuqua, naenamisticobota ichicotabota mosomonimichu. thirdly, will be the universal trial for the glory of the Saint, those who had been persecuted and maltreated, so they all would seeLo tercero, a de ser el juyzio universal, por gloria de los Santos, porque a los que en el mundo avian sido perseguidos y maltratados, viessen todos Movilla 1635a:f023-025 5.1Confident2adjblessedConfident
chicobotʃikobov1receive as a gift, receive gracerecibir como regalo, recibir la graciaConfident2honor?Tentative
chicobosotʃikobosov1inquire ofTentative2wonder?
chicolotʃikolovbe underneath, belowcomp.atichicolosoul/conscience
chicolota piletʃikolota pilev(make?) tamalmakeArte f34Tentative