Timucua - English


chebetʃebevloseperder , extraviarNaiuchamima isahiono aco anohoanimichute fatachebenoleta mostela.The second one loses the glory that was promised to her.La segunda pierde la glorio que le prometió.(1612 Cat, f155v-157r)
Often in combination with fata. The material preceding fata often has the suffix -michu. Arte, f131 chebuano faltar, tiene en Timucua su proprio plural, asi como: chebuala 'falta' chebetamala 'faltan'. En otras partes le dan este: taymala o taymotamala faltan
comp.cumechebebe disturbedcumev
chebesotʃebesosp. var. ofcheuesorestrain
checatʃekaproyou (pl)
checabatʃekabaproyou (pl)vosotrosProbable
chehelutʃehelunname of a Timucua lineage
cheleremotʃeleremovunknown verb (of sensation/perception)
chelerotʃelerovperceive?Used in the discussion of what happened after Eve ate the apple.Tentative
chepatʃepannestnidoArte, f53 Cf. Choctaw alhpichikConfident
cheqetotʃeketosp. var. ofchequetafour
chequa1tʃekʷadial. var. ofchìqe1 1pairdial. var. ofichiqi
chequamatʃekʷama1adjdespicable, miserableArte, f35Confident2voppressed
chequentatʃekʷentasp. var. ofchequetafour
chequetatʃekʷetaTawasa checúttahcardnumfourConfidentsp. var.cheqetochequentachequetangalacomp.tʃekʷetangalacardnumfourteenAcu heca ininoletahaue ninahiabobotemano los articulos de la fee,monoma cheqetangalama caqi ysinococoma muluacoma nantanimano, mine Dios anocomile, nainima inemi, nanahebuataqe, naquenelebo hacooenltahaue naistaqe nante acu heca ysomile sancta Iglesiama hebunaonecasibotanima inemimate naquenele manda bohotecho?So too do you believe the fourteen Article of Faith which are enclosed in the [Fol. 12v] Creed, and do you believe all that our Holy Mother Church has, believes, and teaches? do you believe it so?Also, these things that we must know to do, the so-called fourteen "articles of faith", these many sayings and great principles, God, our Lord, everything he says in the Creed, and everything our Holy Mother Church teaches, do you believe this? peqecheqetacomp.peketʃeketasp. var.pequecheqetaTawasa pekétchcuttahcardnumnine
cherubintʃerubinsp. var. ofCherubiniCherubim
cherubinestʃerubinessp. var. ofCherubiniCherubim
cherubinitʃerubinisp. var. ofCherubiniCherubim
Cherubinitʃerubinin*Cherubim*QuerubinBorrowedsp. var.Cerubinescherubincherubinescherubini
cheuesotʃeʷesovrestrainsp. var.chebeso
*chi1tʃivcomponent in emotion verbscomp.cume manichimercy?cumenorachibe happy, well-offoravulechibe humble*ulevbirichicomp.biritʃivunknown negative emotionhorochicomp.horotʃivunknown negative emotion3.4Emotionmelachicomp.melatʃiv1be bereft, miserable2be lost3be:free:of
*chi2tʃincomponent of lineage namesConfidentcomp.apichiname of a Timucua lineageapi2nchulufichiname of a Timucua lineagechulufin
chi -tʃi vSubj agrpfxsfx12nd personConfident22nd personConfident32nd personConfident
chi tooribatʃi tooribasp. var. ofchito horibahour noon?
chia1tʃianownerdueñoConfidentcomp.hica chiahican