Timucua - English


cumeleta hebuanimakumeleta hebʷanimancommandmentmandamientocumeleta hebuano
cumemanichikumemanitʃidial. var. ofcume manichimercy?comp. ofcume 1mani 1*chi1
cumemeakumemeaadjpeaceful?Tentativecomp. ofcume 1heartmeyabe tired?
cumemikumemiadjcontent, happyArte f139Confident
cumenalikumenalivtempt?comp. ofcume 1heartnaliyellow
cumenuyakumenujanvirginvirgenProbablecomp. ofcume 1heartnuya(part of the word 'virgin')
cumepalekumepalevthink? imagine?pensar, imaginarProbable
cumepalikumepaliv1lustConfident2consider?Tentative3desireConfidentcomp. ofcume 1heartpalifo 4excite
cumepuchukumeputʃuadjhumble?Tentativecomp. ofcume 1heartpuchu1 1empty
cumepuquakumepukʷavunknown verb
cumequeyakumekʷejavbe meekser mansedumbrecomp. ofcumeheart, chest, soul lewdness wickedness? devotion, love? secret, hidden desire, wish? tempt (with hio)queyabe appeased, be quenched? be humble
cumequokumekʷoadjchaste?Tentativecomp. ofcume 1heart
cumerucuchiadjtender-heartedConfident Hapax Leg.comp. ofcume 1heart*rucuchi
cumesakumesaadjcourteousArte, f40Confidentcomp. ofcume 1heartsabeautiful, benevolent
cumesticokumestikoadjsadtristevlena cumesticotiqua, Orabotahache, naquenemano, My daughter, don't be sad, but be very happy"Hija mia, no estes triste, sino muy alegre,Movilla 1.6Probablecumestincocomp. ofcumeheart, chest, soul lewdness wickedness? devotion, love? secret, hidden desire, wish? tempt (with hio)isticodo evil
cumetitikumetitiadjdisturbedturbadoTentativecomp. ofcume 1heart
cumetonardor, devotion?comp.cumetotimo
cumetotimovardent?comp. ofcumeto-timopart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?
cumokumov1abound with, have abundantlyser lleno deMine achibueno tera inemi naya iynomate, graciamate nacumotaqe iyenotima; nocomi Dios-isomima nantela.Some great queen, full of all virtues and graces; the true mother of God she is called.Es una gran Señora llena de todas las virtudes, y gracias, Madre de Dios verdadera1612 Cat 1.1Generally used with the na- instrumental prefix. Very frequently followed by fa-te 'go'Confident2mulch, pile up organic material at the base of a plantaporcarArte, f11, with na prefixConfident
cunakunan1throatgargantaConfident2voicecfabotocohigh pitch (with cuna)comp. ofabo2 1toco1 2cunecunucomp.amala cune echehang (by the neck)
cunachuakunatʃuanAmphiuma or other unknown water animal.The name of this animal possibly contains the roots cuna 'neck' and chua 'hole'. The accompanying text says that aquatiro is a synonym. Tiro is a Spanish word for 'salamander'. animalsProbable
cuososp. var. ofquosomake do thank (with mani)dial. var. ofiquoso
cupakupanpine barkcorteza de pinoArte f53Confident