Timucua - English


cosibosp. var. ofcobosogivecomp. ofcobuo-so
-cotekotesfx1and alsoy tambien... hiquema Apostoles caruma nantamonimano yayicote yayititicote yquobacote qichicote nahiaba acocote nuyaacote quelamanisomoqe natooma himala. ... in these waters the Holy Apostles, fished for the old and the young who were learned and ignorant. (I will turn the desert into pools of water; and at land's end, water in the stream of waters?) ..., en las quales aguas, los Sanctos Apostoles, grandes y pequeños pescaron que fueron doctos e indoctos. Posuisti desertum instagna aquarum; et terra fine aqua in exitus aquarum. 1612 Bap 7.1Often in 'both...and'/neither...nor' contexts.Confident2exclamative suffix (what a ...!)comp. of-co1coord indef relative clause marker-te1 aug
Coticyininpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
Cotocochuninpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
Coyanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
coyobokojobovshake, trembletemblaracu vti ynemi coyoboqe, acu Angelicarema pitaponota, yobo tuquala, nacu quenemi nachu hanisomoqe, acu minete soldado caremate, yobotuquala puchuqe enetaqete, valuta tocama Iesu Christo nantaqe ano nahiabomala. y que el mundo todo tembló, y que luego vinieron Angeles que quitaron la piedra, para que todos viesen el sepulcro vacio, y supiesen que era ya el Señor resucitado como lo avia dicho:Movilla 1635a:f152-154 1.6Probable
creakreankind of fabric?Tentative
CROSSn(sign of the cross)This is used in transcription of text when a crucifix symbol appears.
crucikrukincrosscruzConfidentCruzcruzCruziCrucicruziCruziecruscrusidial. var.Crussp. var.cruçi
cruçikruķisp. var. ofcrucicross
Cruskrusdial. var. ofcrucicross
cuaresmakʷaresman*Lent*CuaresmaBorrowedQuaresmadial. var.quaresma
cufarikufarivunknown verbHapax Legomenon
cuiulakuiulasp. var. ofcuyuluact disrespectfully? not be grateful for
culafikulafidial. var. ofculafowash?
culafokulafovwashlavar, limpiar, banarTentativeculafodial. var.culaficulahobathe, wash
culahokulahodial. var. ofculafowash?bathe, wash
culucuchikulukutʃivcure (natively)?ituhunu eyo anopiraqua, culucuchita ituhuta, quosono leuitila.There must be no other prayers or native curing or praying by IndiansNo corresponding Spanish....There must be no other prayers or native curing or praying by IndiansMovilla 1635a:f051v (1) 2.1This verb appears only once, but in a context contrasting Western and native medicine, and with the modifier ano piroqua 'by Indians'. The example cited here has no corresponding Spanish text. The translation given is likely, but not certain.Hapax Legomenon