Timucua - English


-co4ko1Redup > adjsfxsuffix on adjectival preds2v(component of several verbs)cfiso2have, hold make; do useisticodo evil-ticomp.balocobarabiricodestroy, annihilate?haracospeak disrespectfully, swear falselyherecolook at with evil eye? menace?ipocobleed, cause blood to flowisacohappymerocobe lukewarmmilicolightning be lustrouspalucufearqilicorageyuricoangry
cobachakobatʃaadjsmallpequeñoTacacarotema, paha, yachebaco, carobinco, vquata, paha, cobachaco, mino sonocote, inta carota nimichuquacu, na inihemaqui mosima Iesv Christo anocomilete, Hostia chiricomate yquomate, inemi iquoma hibuatanimate chiricoma, tachetanimate, intanimaqua| Intela motela San Buenauenturano|The light of a candle, if it is in a big house and then they pass it to another small one, [gives] as much light in one place as in the other. There is no more in a large host than in a small one.La luz de vna candela, si està en vna casa grande, y despues la passan à otra pequeña, tanto luze en la vna parte como en la otra. Non rarius neqe densius. No està mas en la Hostia grande que en la pequeña, por que, Similiter Corpus Christi in paruua, & magna Hostia. Bonauent. in 4. d. x.Pareja 1627b:f025v 1.1Appears only once, describing a 'small house'Hapax Legomenon
cobaquakobakʷa1vbe (sexually) faithful?Probable2adjbe:chastecomp. ofcobodial. var. ofcobuo-qua4
cobekobenunknown noun (before eca)
cobesakobesadial. var. ofcobosogivecomp. ofcobuo-socoesa1mind? conscience?something?
cobokobodial. var. ofcobuoreceivecomp.cobaquabe (sexually) faithful?be:chastebe (sexually) faithful?
cobosakobosadial. var. ofcobosogivecomp. ofcobuo-so
cobosokobosov1giveConfident2helpcomp. ofcobuoreceive-socaus applied intensivedial. var.cobesasomething?cobosasp. var.cosibo
cobuokobʷovreceivedial. var.cobocomp.cobosogive
cochokotʃovcutcortar,recortar,tallar. dividirConfidentcocheCUT (1) (with scissors). Cr, OS kac-ita 'break (sg obj)', kaci:y-ita 'break (nonsg obj)', kal-ita 'break off a piece of (Ma), T kilas- 'break'; H koslilis 'I cut' (G), Mk kalas-li- 'cut with scissors, lawnmower' (W); Al kaslici 'trim hair' (H), kalasli 'cut with scissors' (old word) (H), s-kalas-ka 'scissors', K kalas:-li 'scratch'; Ct kalaS-li 'cut with scissors', Ct, Cs kaci:li 'cut with scissors'.Musk cut words
-coco1koko1adj > advsfxadverb formingConfident2vsfxwhileConfidentcoccòcococò
-coco2koko1nPre-determinersfxhis own, her ownsu proprioConfident2vsfxemphaticcosp. var.-eoco
-coco3koko1adjsfxmore, veryConfident2nemph
cocosakokosanother things?Tentative
coesa1koesanmind? conscience?Probabledial. var.cobesasomething?
coesa2koesan1which, thing whichProbable2gift?3thing
Cofanpropname of a Timucua river9.7.2Name of a place
coguasiadjunknown negative adjCompared in a list with acochati 'proud' and catubi 'fierce'
colakoladial. var. ofquela2melt, wither withdrawfeather
colaha iokolaha iodial. var. ofcolahayodesire? (with mani)
colahayokolahajovdesire? (with mani)There are multiple examples of this suffix in the Arte, usually said to be examples of admiration, but in the texts, it seems to appear on some complements of the verb mani 'want, desire'. Pareja (f101v) writes "Estecolahayoya significa admiración y ya otras veces "solia ser, á que es l. o que era esso ó esto ó aquello", y dudar de lo que es ó fue."Confidentdial. var.colaha io
Colcubenpropname of a Timucua cacique9.7.2Name of a place