Timucua - English


ciakiabe? act as servant?Tentative
circuncisionkirkunkisionn*circumcisioncircuncisiónBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
cisnekisnen*swan*cisneBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
coko1interrogwhere? (with bueta)Probable2vinterrogative copula?Tentative
-co1konsfx1coordinated itemConfident2interrog or indef marker; anyConfident3relative clause marker-cotecomp.kotesfx1and also... hiquema Apostoles caruma nantamonimano yayicote yayititicote yquobacote qichicote nahiaba acocote nuyaacote quelamanisomoqe natooma himala. ... in these waters the Holy Apostles, fished for the old and the young who were learned and ignorant. (I will turn the desert into pools of water; and at land's end, water in the stream of waters?) 2exclamative suffix (what a ...!)
-co2kovsfxunknown verbal suffProbable
-co4ko1Redup > adjsfxsuffix on adjectival preds2v(component of several verbs)cfiso2istico-tibalococomp.balokovunknown verb (be glorified, be rewarded?)barabiricocomp.barabirikovdestroy, annihilate?haracocomp.harakovspeak disrespectfully, swear falselyherecocomp.herekovlook at with evil eye? menace?ipococomp.ipokocfipo1v1bleed, cause blood to flow2pour outisacocomp.isakoadjhappy, delight merococomp.merokocfmero merov1be lukewarmNanacu caqi iniheti ofenoqua ininomano atichicolomano yquentetilahacu maha yqilabuosota merocosotela.El que aunque no mata el alma, la entibia y enferma.2be unenthusiastic, dilatorymilicocomp.milikov1lightningsp. var.milica2be lustrouspalucucomp.palukudial. var.paloquaCreek piŋká:litvfearNaqueniqe, cahelele vocole minecotamano Dios ano Paloqualenoma nante. So the first step of the ladder is called fear of God.qilicocomp.kilikovrageyuricocomp.jurikovangry
cobachakobatʃaadjsmallpequeñoTacacarotema, paha, yachebaco, carobinco, vquata, paha, cobachaco, mino sonocote,The light of a candle, if it is in a big house and then they pass it to another small oneLa luz de vna candela, si està en vna casa grande, y despues la passan à otra pequeñaCatEx f0 1.1Appears only once, describing a 'small house'Hapax Legomenon
cobaquakobakʷavbe (sexually) faithful?Probablecomp. ofcobodial. var. ofcobuo-qua4cobo
cobekobenunknown noun (before eca)
cobesakobesadial. var. ofcoesa1mind? conscience?cobosogivecomp. ofcobuo-sosomething?
cobokobodial. var. ofcobuoreceivecomp.cobaquabe (sexually) faithful?be (sexually) faithful?
cobosakobosadial. var. ofcobosogivecomp. ofcobuo-so
cobosokobosov1giveConfident2helpdial. var.cobesasomething?cobosacomp. ofcobuo-socobuo
cobuokobʷovreceivedial. var.cobocobosocomp.kobosodial. var.cobesasomething?cobosav1give2help
cochokotʃoCUT (1) (with scissors). Cr, OS kac-ita 'break (sg obj)', kaci:y-ita 'break (nonsg obj)', kal-ita 'break off a piece of (Ma), T kilas- 'break'; H koslilis 'I cut' (G), Mk kalas-li- 'cut with scissors, lawnmower' (W); Al kaslici 'trim hair' (H), kalasli 'cut with scissors' (old word) (H), s-kalas-ka 'scissors', K kalas:-li 'scratch'; Ct kalaS-li 'cut with scissors', Ct, Cs kaci:li 'cut with scissors'.Musk cut wordsvcutcortar,recortar,tallar. dividirConfident
-coco1koko1adj > advsfxadverb formingConfident2vsfxwhileConfident
-coco2koko1nPre-determinersfxhis own, her ownsu proprioConfident2vsfxemphaticsp. var.-eoco-eocole
-coco3koko1adjsfxmore, veryConfident2nemph
cocosakokosanother things?Tentative
coesa1koesanmind? conscience?Probabledial. var.cobesasomething?