Timucua - English


chorofa usinacatʃorofa usinakanname of a Timucua lineage, part of the Apohola
chototʃotov1fail to hold, fail to hitdejar de mantener, dejar de golpearAcu Atuluyuquamosimano, Itimilenoma tatuquimonimaqua, chotota, vtima ichuniqe motela, yubetamatila. Other arrows touched the friars and then fell on the ground without doing harm.Otros flechas tocavan a los frailes, y luego caìan en el suelo sin hazer daño: Movilla 1.3Used twice, once in a description of chains that (miraculously) fall off, and once in a description of arrows that fail to hit their target. In both cases followed by the verb ichuni.Probable2fall?Tentative
chotoritʃotorivunknown verbchotorì
choyatʃojasp. var. ofchoyo 2be:shocked
choyotʃojov1be crushed (of bones)Probable2be shockedsp. var.choya
Christiano tʃristiano nChristianCristianoConfidentchristianoCristianoChristianocomp.Christiano chieninobaptismchristianotipagan, non-Christian
Christiano chieninotʃristiano tʃieninonbaptismbautizochristiano chieninocomp. ofChristiano Christianchiehonor make, prepare-no1 1nmlz
Christianoleta ytoritʃristianoleta itoringodfatherpadrinocomp. ofitori2grandfather, uncle godfather
christianotitʃristianotinpagan, non-Christianpagano, no CristianoProbableChristianoticomp. ofChristiano Christian-ti 1neg
Christiatiano1tʃristiatianosp. var. ofibine na Christiano lenobaptismChristiatiano2Christian
Christiatiano2tʃristiatianonChristianchristianoBorrowedsp. var.Christiatiano1
ChristotʃristonChristCristoConfidentchristoXposp. var.X˜po
chu2tʃuvresemble (w/ mo)chucuNatchez cokokop
chu1tʃu1ncoalcarbon2adjblacknegrochucuNatchez cokokop comp.anochucuNegro
-chutʃu1vsfxcaused event? (compl to ' do' and 'say' verbs)Diosi hubuasonomaqua anochu chimotela.Because of the love of God, you are a man or you are something.Con el amor de Dios, eres hombre ó eres algo.Arte f116Confident2interjoh!3nsfxunknown noun suffixProbablecho
chuatʃuanholehoyoArte f33, f53ConfidentcfnachuanailYbichuacomp.Afanochuaname of a lake/sinkholeAquilachuaName of a lake/sinkholetilipachuawindowucuchuadoor ceremonyUsichuaName of a lake/sinkholeUsiparachuaname of a lake/sinkholeutichuacave
chua chuatʃua tʃuaRedupunknown redupchuachua
Chuaquinnprop1name of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place2component of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place
chubobotʃubobonstarestrellaElamate, acumate, chubobomate, mocamate, anomate, acamate, hachibueno eyomate Diosi areconteti?Didn't God also make the air, the water, the rocks, men, and all the other things?No a hecho tambien Dios al ayre, el agua, las piedras, los hombres, y todas las de mas cosas?Didn't God also make the sun, moon, stars, sea, people, air, and other things?Movilla 1635a:f009r var.chubobuochubuobochubuobòcomp.pilaniqi chubobo
chubobuosp. var. ofchubobostar
chubuobosp. var. ofchubobostar
chubuobòsp. var. ofchubobostar
chucu4ncleric (after itimileno)
chucu2tʃukuvdeliver (from sin, confusion)
chucu1tʃukunsquashChucu puquala. Many squashesArte f03 4.1ConfidentMusk PUMPKIN, WATERMELON (Cr, S, OS casi, S costali: (Ma), OS castali: 'watermelon'; H cosk-i 'pumpkin' (S: tcuski), cos-talkc-i 'watermelon', Mk coks-i 'pumpkin' (DM), costalakci 'watermelon' (W); Al, K coksi, K talakci 'watermelon' (K); Ct SokSi 'watermelon'. (MJ cokSi SokSi / sokSi / talakci 'watermelon'.))comp.Ivitachuco