Timucua - English


-co1konsfx1coordinated itemConfident2interrog or indef marker; anyConfident3relative clause marker-cotecomp.kotesfx1and also... hiquema Apostoles caruma nantamonimano yayicote yayititicote yquobacote qichicote nahiaba acocote nuyaacote quelamanisomoqe natooma himala. ... in these waters the Holy Apostles, fished for the old and the young who were learned and ignorant. (I will turn the desert into pools of water; and at land's end, water in the stream of waters?) 2exclamative suffix (what a ...!)
chuatʃʷanholehoyoArte f33, f53ConfidentcfnachuaYbichuaibi1npropcomp.AquilachuaName of a lake/sinkholeaquilanpropAfanochuacomp.afanotʃuanpropname of a lake/sinkhole9.7.2Name of a placetilipachuacomp.tilipatʃʷanwindowUsichuacomp.usitʃuanpropName of a lake/sinkhole9.7.2Name of a placeUsiparachuacomp.usiparatʃuanpropname of a lake/sinkhole9.7.2Name of a placeutichuacomp.utitʃʷancave
-co4ko1Redup > adjsfxsuffix on adjectival preds2v(component of several verbs)cfiso2istico-tibalococomp.balokovunknown verb (be glorified, be rewarded?)barabiricocomp.barabirikovdestroy, annihilate?haracocomp.harakovspeak disrespectfully, swear falselyherecocomp.herekovlook at with evil eye? menace?ipococomp.ipokocfipo1v1bleed, cause blood to flow2pour outisacocomp.isakoadjhappy, delight merococomp.merokocfmero merov1be lukewarmNanacu caqi iniheti ofenoqua ininomano atichicolomano yquentetilahacu maha yqilabuosota merocosotela.El que aunque no mata el alma, la entibia y enferma.2be unenthusiastic, dilatorymilicocomp.milikov1lightningsp. var.milica2be lustrouspalucucomp.palukudial. var.paloquaCreek piŋká:litvfearNaqueniqe, cahelele vocole minecotamano Dios ano Paloqualenoma nante. So the first step of the ladder is called fear of God.qilicocomp.kilikovrageyuricocomp.jurikovangry
*chi1tʃivcomponent in emotion verbscomp.cume manichimercy?cumenorachibe happy, well-offoravulechibe humble*ulevbirichicomp.biritʃivunknown negative emotionhorochicomp.horotʃivunknown negative emotion3.4Emotionmelachicomp.melatʃiv1be bereft, miserable2be lost3be:free:of
chequetatʃekʷetaTawasa checúttahcardnumfourConfidentsp. var.cheqetochequentachequetangalacomp.tʃekʷetangalacardnumfourteenAcu heca ininoletahaue ninahiabobotemano los articulos de la fee,monoma cheqetangalama caqi ysinococoma muluacoma nantanimano, mine Dios anocomile, nainima inemi, nanahebuataqe, naquenelebo hacooenltahaue naistaqe nante acu heca ysomile sancta Iglesiama hebunaonecasibotanima inemimate naquenele manda bohotecho?So too do you believe the fourteen Article of Faith which are enclosed in the [Fol. 12v] Creed, and do you believe all that our Holy Mother Church has, believes, and teaches? do you believe it so?Also, these things that we must know to do, the so-called fourteen "articles of faith", these many sayings and great principles, God, our Lord, everything he says in the Creed, and everything our Holy Mother Church teaches, do you believe this? peqecheqetacomp.peketʃeketasp. var.pequecheqetaTawasa pekétchcuttahcardnumnine
chucuatʃukua1adjdirty2vbe dirtychucu chucucomp.tʃuku tʃukuRedup1dirty2wounded? ugly?
cobuokobʷovreceivedial. var.cobocobosocomp.kobosodial. var.cobesasomething?cobosav1give2help
corekorevbe clean, newcoresocomp.koresovwash, cleanse the palate
cumekume1nheart, chest, soulcorazón, pecho, almaDiosi hebuanoma nemoqua mico nocomina queni heco quenetilehecomanta cumeleno oyoye nabayitimobicho?Have you had any doubt or wavering of faith within your chest?As tenido algua duda o bacilacion de la Fè dentro de tu pecho?(Conf, f122) Perhaps the basic meaning is 'heart' and the many meanings derive from the surrounding words. Arte f40Confidentcomp.cumehimatimeek, sweet-temperedcumehulitimocumesacourteous2lewdness, wickedness (with the verbs pali and eca)Confident3vdevotion, love?tener devocion por? amar?Probable4vdesire, wish?desear, anhelarProbable5ntempt (with hio)Confident6vunderstand, perceive (with areco)percibir, entender, darse cuenta deConfident7vbelieve, come to believeThis expression has the sense of 'believe for the first time, come to realize, come to believe'.Confident8nlove (with mani)Confident9nfaithful (with caqueni)Confident10nvoluntarily (with areco)cumequeyacomp.kumekʷejavbe meekcumesticocomp.kumestikoadjsadvlena cumesticotiqua, Orabotahache, naquenemano, My daughter, don't be sad, but be very happy
-cakavPeriphrasis suffixes 1sfxauxConfident
caballokaballonhorsecaballoConfidentsp. var.cauallo
cabetakabetanplacelugarProbabledial. var.cabueta
cabuetakabuetadial. var. ofcabetaplace
cacakakaMusk. [Cr ka:ki 'crow'; Ct kaakachi 'to crow, caw']njayurraca1.6.1.2BirdConfident
cachekatʃenhour, timehora, tiempoArte, f108Confident
cachikatʃiadjbitterConfidentcomp.hachinacachisuffer, lament*hachiv
Cachipilekatʃipilenproptown name
cachukatʃuvbe beautiful, beloved
cachu cachukatʃu katʃuRedupunknown redupsp. var.cachucachu
cachucachukatʃukatʃusp. var. ofcachu cachu
cachunamosikatʃunamosiadjlovely, beautifulConfident
cachusinikatʃusinivloveamorPedroma Maria cachusinta alihotelaPedro goes around in love with Maria.Pedro anda enamorado de MariaArte, f127Confident
cacokakovtorture, humiliateProbabledial. var.caquo