Timucua - English


-cakavPeriphrasis suffixes 1sfxauxConfident
caballokaballonhorsecaballoConfidentcavallosp. var.cauallo
cabetacabetanplacelugarProbabledial. var.cabueta
cabuetacabuetadial. var. ofcabetaplace
cacakakanjayurraca1.6.1.2BirdConfidentMusk. [Cr ka:ki 'crow'; Ct kaakachi 'to crow, caw']
cachecačenhour, timeArte, f108Confident
Cachipilenproptown name
cachucačuvbe beautiful, beloved
cachu cachucaču cačuRedupunknown redupsp. var.cachucachu
cachucachucačucačusp. var. ofcachu cachu
cachunamosicačunamosiadjlovely, beautifulConfident
cachusinicačusinivloveamorPedroma Maria cachusinta alihotelaPedro goes around in love with Maria.Pedro anda enamorado de MariaArte, f127Confidentcachusin
cacocacovtorture, humiliateProbabledial. var.caquo
cafanpierembarcaderoSaid to be a Yufara word, contrasting with yuque in Mocama.Confidentcfyuque1pier
Cahericonpropname of a Timucua settlement9.7.2Name of a placeConfident
calabacalabanbald personcalvoArte f33synheleConfident
calamakalamanfruit, acornConfident
calamocalamovsuffer from (heat, cold, starvation)Confident
calanicalanivshaveafeitarOna quostanayeno qere cuyumate hanta niyamate hanta honosta inemihanta calaninomate hanta ibinesamonomate hanta quostechiqua anoma nihiqeqere iqesuquontaqere honostamate heta niyamate patabota quosobicho?And to do the above [i.e. bewitching someone], have you considered it a sin to eat fish and shave yourself and to sleep with your wife; but once the person is dead, have you begun to do the things that you were abstaining from, after a bath?Y para hazer lo dicho, as tenido por peccado el comer pescado y el afeitar, y el dormir con tu muger, y muerta la persona todo aquello de que abstuviste, lo hiziste despues bañandote?Conf, f1 1.1Appears only once, but in a passage where its meaning is relatively clear.Hapax Legomenon
calicidial. var. ofCaliz*chalice