Timucua - English


acata uruakata uruvbe lame?Tentativeacata vrucomp. ofuru2accompany
acatalaakatalan1bedcama, asiento, tronoAcatala fano isticosota aruquico, iquine natarabosota chiqe nihibi?By lying badly across the bed and putting your arm on top, have you suffocated the unborn child?Conf, f1 1.1hebanecasibota elota istanimano acatalamahanta yribota mihala hicama parifota honihe ininona areconta quosohanano yniheti ininona ysticoma nantema, na arecontaquere atichicolona homanista hubasoremaqehanano IESU Christo. I will rise up and go about the city. I will turn and go around my conscience, examining it for sin and I will find him who my soul loves, who is JESUS Christ.Levantarme he y andate al derredo de la ciudad ? dare vuelta y rodeare mi concienia examinandola de los peccados y buscare al que ama mi anima que es JESU Christo su esposoConf, f1 1.7Probable2seat, throneasiento, tronoProbable
acatalacaakatalakavunknown verbThe references seem to be talking about residing in heaven -- possibly this is related to the verb acata 'lie down'acatalaco
achaqueneatʃakʷenesp. var. ofhachaqueni2why do what
achicoatʃikoquantalltodohachipile achicoall the animalstodos los animalesArte, f17 'all'Confident
achitiloatʃitilonarms (weapons)armasArte f344.8.3.7Weapon, shootConfident
achitofelakitofeln*Achitofel (Biblical figure)Borrowed from SpanishBorrowed
achoatʃodial. var. ofhachowhat
*acoakoadjlarge, greatgrandeNot usually found alone, but as a component of several other words.comp.acomagreatacosochupiacothousand
acochatiakotʃatiadjproud/haughtysynaneqeticomp. ofanaqe-ti 1aneqeticomp. ofanaqe-ti 1Probableocochati
acolaakola1advveryArte f.9-10Anoiquiacola.very old personArte f03 5.2hubuasono chinahubuasotana inibitiacola.The love with which I love you is very great or huge El amor con que te amo es muy grande, ò grandissimoArte f04 2.1Confident2adjlargeArte f.9-10Confident3quantmanyConfidentacoleaco
acomaakomaadjgreatConfidentcomp. of*acolarge, great
acosoakosov1unknown verb (gather?)Tentative2guide?comp. of*acolarge, great-so 1caus
acu1akudet1thisAcuqibo Visperas ela afama, ...I know that yesterday at vespers in the afternoon, the eye was delighted... being attracted, and reaching out, the woman's behind was fondled" ...yesterday at the hour of vespers...ayer a hora de Visparas ...Movilla 1635a:f148r-151r 3.2Viro yanqua acu viro yoqua abosintequa, iqeloqe nihela. A man was fighting with another [and] killed him.Un hombre riñiendo con otro le mató: Movilla 1635a:f177v-178 1.1Confident2allConfident3in addition?Acusp. var.acv
acu2akun1moon, monthluna, mesGatschet has acuhiba. Arte has acuAra uque naponaye cuyuhanta acuhiba meteta minoqe henolebinco, hehanimota mosobi cho?Anointing your own hair with bears' grease (azeye de oso) did you think it sinful to eat fish for so and so many moons?f133; gI var.acùTawasa a'ssickcomp.acu ibaqùiribaquoMarch
acùsp. var. ofacu2moon, month
acu ibaaku ibanmonthmes...acu iba piqichamosihomoqe, hitima cumepalino istico, naminosoqe, habitoma hanisiromanta §...but at seven months, the Devil tempted him so much that he wanted to give up the monk's habit.mas à los siete meses le tentò mucho el Demonio tanto que andava pensando dejar el habito, Movilla 1635a:f180r-181v 1.1Confidentcomp. ofacu2moon, month
Acueranpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
acunahacuakunahakucoordconnunknown coordination (if?)Tentative