Timucua - English


abopahaabopahancorn cribgaritaAbopaha falino qibema ipita huyosota ituhutaqere hebi cho?The first time when the corn-crib was opened, did you make any flour for food? and after pounding flour did you pray over it?Ano misoma ituhutetima avohopahama iqinoleheleqete mobi cho?Did you order, that no one open the corn-crib, or approach it, unless the conjurer has previously said his prayers over it?comp. ofabo2 1high:locationpahahouseabo2
aboquaabokʷavhonorhonrarAchaquenta na naaboquanihabue?In doing what is he honoredHow then do we honor himManda cumeleno nayuchamima ofuenoma chiyechitale Diosi visamano hachaquene na aboquanoco ininolehe?Sobre el segundo mandamiento os pregunto que honra se deve dar al nombre de Dios?comp. ofabo2 1high:location-qua4abo2
abosiniabosiniv1auxiliary for plural subjectsAcu cumepalinolehaue, caqi Adam Euamate ynihimaleqibemichu, ano inemi, coesa siqita, pochata, abosintanicano, Furthermore we must consider that we all descend from Adam and Eve, the first couple, 1627 Cat 1.1Confident2live (in a certain way)Probable3be (pl)abosinabosinoabosine
abotaabotaSpelling Variant ofaboto1beat; punish strike, hit
abotiaboti1poston, at (a particular time or day)2nhour?
aboto1abotoboto1vtapalearbeat; punishNaquenemano caqi abotima ysino toomama naquosota acu anoco abotonomate, chipasonomate napalucusunumate, anona, caiuqita, mucu, namahatota naiuricosinta nima nate manistetileta, mosotema caqi mandacumelenoma na emoqua ecata, na iniheti intela.He who beats or harms or menaces or injures or affronts the one who offended him or does not pardon or give counsel for whatever contempt, sins against this commandment.1612 Cat 2.1Anoco ineca luba ticote hochie yuricono yebueta iquimileqe ineco nahiqe abotosiro-manda quosta nasisobi cho?Even if a person has not done anything wrong, because of your anger, has some punishment taken place, and have you given an order and had them beaten?Without having any reason except that you were angry, have you punished anyone?Conf, f1 1.1Anoco inonino namoquatima maha ine eyo nayuricomita chacali carema tuchemacamo chiqe abotomoqe yabi vichubi?Did you order laborers to be punished so as to have their arms broken, not for the sake of work, but for being angry?Did you order that the chacales should beat someone because you were angry and not because of work, and did they break arms?Conf, f1 1.1Abotosiro manibicho?Or have you wanted to do so?Have you wanted to beat them?Conf, f1 5.1Confident2vgolpear, pegarstrike, hitPilema numa hebuama nabotoqe, tapolamano inti uquabicho? When lightnings struck into the clearing (roça) or maize-field, did you not eat of it?Conf, f1 1.1Confidentsp. var.abotaboto
aboto2abotovcorrespond, be named?Tentative
abotocoabotokovto sing loudly (with cuna)Prefacio cuna abotocota eleno letemichunu...The preface is sung with a loud voicecomp. ofabo2 1high:locationtoco1 2come:outabo2
acasavrise, float?
acataakatavgrow?Namaruami ybinema yaijta isotanimano ibinemaqua aiemate asota acatata siqisomita nimate ibinenabama aye asosono etecosonomate ...The fifth virtue or property of water is that with it spring up the sprouts or the shoots of trees, which are planted next to it, ...1612_BAP 5.1Is this verb a synonym of aso 'sprout' or does it express the idea of 'planted near'?Hapax Legomenon
acata uruakata uruvbe lame?comp. ofuru2accompany
acatalaakatalan1cama, asiento, tronobedAcatala fano isticosota aruquico, iquine natarabosota chiqe nihibi?By lying badly across the bed and putting your arm on top, have you suffocated the unborn child?Conf, f1 1.1hebanecasibota elota istanimano acatalamahanta yribota mihala hicama parifota honihe ininona areconta quosohanano yniheti ininona ysticoma nantema, na arecontaquere atichicolona homanista hubasoremaqehanano IESU Christo. I will rise up and go about the city. I will turn and go around my conscience, examining it for sin and I will find him who my soul loves, who is JESUS Christ.Conf, f1 1.7Probable2asiento, tronoseat, throneProbable
acatalacaakatalakavunknown verbThe references seem to be talking about residing in heaven -- possibly this is related to the verb acata 'lie down'acatalaco
achaqueneatʃakʷeneSpelling Variant ofhachaqueni2why do what
achicoatʃikoquanttodoallhachipile achicoall the animalsArte, f17 'all'Confident
achitiloatʃitilonarmasarms (weapons)Arte f344.8.3.7Weapon, shootConfident
achitofelakitofeln*Achitofel (Biblical figure)Borrowed from SpanishBorrowed
achoatʃoSpelling Variant ofhachowhat
*acoakoadjgrandelarge, greatNot usually found alone, but as a component of several other words.comp.chupiacothousandchupicardnumacomacomp.akomaadjgreatacosocomp.akosov1unknown verb (gather?)2guide?
acochatiakotʃatiadjproud/haughtysynaneqeticomp. ofanaqe-ti 1aneqeticomp. ofanaqe-ti 1Probableocochati
acolaakola1advveryArte f.9-10Anoiquiacola.very old personArte f03 5.2hubuasono chinahubuasotana inibitiacola.The love with which I love you is very great or huge Arte f04 2.1Confident2adjlargeArte f.9-10Confident3quantmanyConfidentacoleaco