Timucua - English


aymaniajmaniv1die? (possibly euphemistic)Tentative2impede?Tentative
Ayubascanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
acu2akuTawasa a'ssicknmoon, monthluna, mesGatschet has acuhiba. Arte has acuAra uque naponaye cuyuhanta acuhiba meteta minoqe henolebinco, hehanimota mosobi cho?Anointing your own hair with bears' grease (azeye de oso) did you think it sinful to eat fish for so and so many moons?f133; gI ibacomp.aku ibanmonthqùiribaquocomp.kʷ̀iribakʷonMarchand in the time that the trees begin to flower or produce flowers, which was the 25th of March.