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ArapajaarapahaSpelling Variant ofArapahacomp. ofara2paha
arecoarekov1hacer, prepararmake, prepareAno iquilabama bueta taca chaleca arecobichica?For someone who is sick, have you made a separate light or fire? (f207)Arte, f14 cume areco = voluntary?Confident2causar, ocasionarcauseArte, f14 cume areco = voluntary?Confident3usar, useArte, f14 cume areco = voluntary?Confident4understand, perceive (with cume)Probable5consider (with cume)aricoarecaariquoarecu
Aristotelesaristotelesn*Aristotle*AristotleBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
aroarov1for (multiple things) to comeProbable2paint?Pendingcfaroboaroso
aro aroaro aroRedupunknown redup
aroboarobovmove, walk?Tentativecfaro
arosoarosovacquire, getProbablecfaroaros
articuloartikulonarticulo (de fe)article (of faith)Confidentarticulos
aruquiarukʷin1niño, niñafetus, babyNaribua nihite caremate, aruqi piri nihite caremate alihila nihitecaremate, nabeta aruqileqe naribualeqe hali hilaleqe|| monole haueqe? Declare to me at what age and height will we resurrect, as some die when they are still children, young or old (MovDoc f033v-034r)Gr. 'father's sister's child; boy, girl' Arte f13, f34 niño2.6.4.1BabyConfident2niño (hombre)boyGr. 'father's sister's child; boy, girl' Arte f13, f34 niñoConfident3niñochildGr. 'father's sister's child; boy, girl' Arte f13, f34 niñoConfidentCompoundcuyuhasomi aruquiname of a Timucua lineagecuyunuculaharuquiname of a Timucua lineagenuculaha4primo segundosecond cousinTentative5primo tercerothird cousinTentativesp. var.aruqùiaruqûiaruquyaruqieruquiarucuiaruquì
aruqùiarukʷìSpelling Variant ofaruquibaby boy child
aruqûiarukʷîSpelling Variant ofaruquibaby boy child
aruquilearukʷilevgive birth2.6.3Birth
aruquyarukʷiSpelling Variant ofaruquibaby boy child
asile1asilenasilo (pueblo)Asile (village)Confident
asile2asilenhojaleafOnaquenihemosima yano anocote iniheti inta chacabono lehecote, ynecalua intahecote, ano eyo nayocono hebuata, ocaqueniqe ninela motamoqehiguera asilechumota, istico ininomichu intana nayocono hebuata, Adam chumota chiqeta cuquesiromanda, isotamalahaSome people are this way, who want to cover their sins with the leaves of their words, like Adam in this case, wanting to make God forget about the sin, as if they had covered themselves with fig leaves.1627 Cat of a plantProbable
asisiasisinterron, cespedclod (of earth)Arte, f33Confident
asisuquaasisukʷanespumafoamArte, f34 espumaConfidentsp. var.hasisuqua
asoasov1sprout, growNamaruami ybinema yaijta isotanimano ibinemaqua aiemate asota acatata siqisomita nimate ibinenabama aye asosono etecosonomate ...The fifth virtue or property of water is that with it spring up the sprouts or the shoots of trees, which are planted next to it, ...1612_BAP 5.1Used primarily of plants.Confident2flowerAcu nacu, Diosima, asoma equelama aye carema, chio asostemaqua, Acuma qùiribaquo mes de (Março monoma) and in the time that the trees begin to flower or produce flowers, which was the 25th of March.1627 Cat 1.3asosocomp.asosovcome from, grow fromIniheti inino chaquene careco na asosote? What does this sin come from?
asosoasosovcome from, grow fromcrecer deIniheti inino chaquene careco na asosote? What does this sin come from?comp. ofasosprout-socaus applied intensiveaso
Assisioassisionprop*Assisi*AssisiBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
asurupaasurupanbasuratrashArte f338.
ata ataata ataRedupunknown redup