Timucua - English


anoquayaqeanokwayaqenAnoquayaqe (name of an Apalachee god)Confident
AnoquelaAnokwelan1lineagelinajeAnoquela niyahobale. We are from one lineage or cast or generationSomos de vn linaje, o casta, o generacion. 1612 Bap 5.16Confident2servant, vasselNanemi Anoquelamitonoma ni eiabobila hacaheqeno cumenatimococo Anoquelamitonoma ni eiabotela quenique Anohebasisiro nimanibotaqe §We have always lived as your servants, but now we very full-heartedly are your servants and we want to talk to you. We have always been servants of Your Majesty but now with even more reason and full-heartedly, we are and so we wish to speak.Siempre hemos sido vasallos de VM pero ahora con mejor raçon y de todo coraçon lo somos y asi queremos hablar.Timucua 1.1Confident3descendant?Probable4soldiersoldadoProbableanoquelaanoquole
anorimatianorimatiadj1miserable, despicableArte, f35Confident2sexually provocative, dirtyArte, f35Confidentonorimati
anoroboanorobovconfess (someone)?Probablecomp. oforobicure happy confess correct, make happy
anotianotingoblinduendeArte, f53Confident
anotofaanotofavbe injuredConfidentcfanotofasoinjurecomp. of-so
anotofasoanotofasovinjureConfidentcfanotofabe injuredcomp. of-socaus applied intensive
anoyayianoyayin1doctordoctorConfident2strong|rich personprincipalProbablecomp. ofano1person relative respect marker chick?yayibig, strong be a virtue important be worth
AntechristoAntečriston*AntichristanticristoBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
antiantin1sister (of a female)hermana (de mujer)En timoqua dizen las mugeres a sus hermana y los hombres a sus hermanos: Anta l. antimaIn Timucua the women call their sisters and the men call their brothers anta or antima.Pareja, First Cat Hiiii4.1.9KinshipConfident2brother (of a male)hermano (de varón)4.1.9KinshipConfidentsp. var.andabefore, formerly earlier, previousNat. ʔa·tah n elder sister of a woman
apacha2apačanplantplantaTentativesp. var.apachi
apachiapačisp. var. ofapacha2plant
Apalonpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
apalu1apalupostoutside? near?Arte, f34yniheti ynino nipita tocota orobininoletemate, cumepalinomate, chocorinocote oyoquacote ofuenomate quenemano hicaleheco, apaluleheco quene nahotota yrima echehamanta vcuchualeheco, hotaleheco quene nahiconochu mosonolehauela, §Sins coming out of the mouth and in being saved from wickedness and after[?] in the city or outside, watching and wanting war to enterCf19 1.11Probable
apalu2apalunfencecerca del corral6.5.1.5Fence, wallConfidentcomp.yobo apaluwall (of stone)
Apaluanpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
aparoaparosp. var. ofaparò
aparòaparòvworship/honoradorar,Probablesp. var.aparo
apeapevgive birth?dar a luzHapax Legomenon