Timucua - English


acu2akuTawasa a'ssicknmoon, monthluna, mesGatschet has acuhiba. Arte has acuAra uque naponaye cuyuhanta acuhiba meteta minoqe henolebinco, hehanimota mosobi cho?Anointing your own hair with bears' grease (azeye de oso) did you think it sinful to eat fish for so and so many moons?f133; gI ibacomp.aku ibanmonthqùiribaquocomp.kʷ̀iribakʷonMarchand in the time that the trees begin to flower or produce flowers, which was the 25th of March.
Acueranpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
acunahacuakunahakucoordconnunknown coordination (if?)Tentative
acutanaakutananmystery?misterioAcutana ynibiti yoqua Dios qiemima Iesu Christo muenoma, oca, taanoleta Cruzima, tananihita heca yniheti yninomilete hiti irimilete quenequa ninahuribuonima nantela, naquenemano, caqi Cruz chienoma, heca cumeleno natimo nabohono, nocomilente Sancta fe monomana, yaha natimolemela.In order to show the other mystery that the son of God become man redeemed us on the cross, so that it can be said that the sign of the cross that we make is a summary of our holy faith.Para significar el otro misterio que el hijo de Dios hecho hombre nos redimio en la Cruz demodo que se puede dezir que la señal de la Cruz que hizemos es una summa de nuestra santa fe.1612 Cat 1.1Probable
acvakusp. var. ofacu1all even if this/these
Adanadann*Adam*AdanBorrowed from SpanishBorroweddial. var.Adani
Adaniadanidial. var. ofAdanAdam
adulterioadulterion*adulteryadulterioBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
aeaeâeinterj1woe!ay!Confident2yesProbable3oh!Confidentsp. var.áe
sp. var. ofaewoe! yes oh!
áeáesp. var. ofaewoe! yes oh!
aecaecaaekaekaRedupunknown redupVisorrey michunu hica habotimabeta Itimileno pahama apachaelequa aecaecamosota § [the viceroy] commanded that [the boy] go to a orchard of religious people whose convent was outside the city...Conf, f8 1.5This ought to refer to a way in which the boy in the passage obeyed the order of the viceroy. Possibly something like 'immediately, obediently'.Hapax Legomenon
afa1afavconfess allAcu, yniheti, ynino, orobinta, habeleta yuchinomano, minehitima, picho here herema, chumota, naiqelo abechumosota, ano, napalucusuta, cunamile, nahiotechu, mosotanimano, yuchinomabetaleqe, afatiquaninolehero, manda nasotanima, nantela. Shame in confession is also the menacing knife which the Devil puts to the throat so that the sinner may not confess his sins openly.También es la vergüenza en la confesión, cuchillo amenazador que el Demonio, pone a la garganta, por que no confiese el pecador a la clara sus pecados.Conf, f0 1.1This verb is usually in the negative, speaking of failure to fully confess.Probable
afa2afanafternoontardeIesu Christo anocomile, Viernes ela afama, nihinemano, Domingo carotamaqua, baluta toconela chimotemano, Viernes ela afama iribota, Domingo vquatiqua nahutemano, vquaca ela yucho tetilechu, chaquenta ela nahapumima baluta toconela monolete?Como se verifica, que el Señor resucitase al tercero dia, pues desde la tarde del viernes quando Christo fue sepultado hasta la noche antes de el Domingo quando resucito, no ay ni aun dos dias enteros.You say that Jesus Christ our lord died on Friday afternoon and resurrected and came out on Sunday (at dawn?)MovDoc f 1.1Confident
afa afaafa afaadvpeacefully?Probableafatimocomp.afatimovbe peaceful?
afabaafabaadjlight, lightlyafabquanalightlyligeramenteArte, f139 afabquana The form in the Arte appears to show deletion of a final vowel before quana 'always, habitually'. However other textual forms show afaba, without final vowel deletion.Confidentsp. var.afauaa
afanoafanonpart of the placename Afanochuacomp.Afanochuaname of a lake/sinkholechuanprop
Afanochuaafanotʃuanpropname of a lake/sinkholeCited in the journal of Diego Peña (1716) as a place in Alachua County9.7.2Name of a placeConfidentcomp. ofafanochuachua
afatimoafatimovbe peaceful?Tentativecomp. ofafa afa-timoafa afa
afa afaafa afaadvpeacefully?Probableafatimocomp.afatimovbe peaceful?
afauaaafabasp. var. ofafabalight, lightly
Afuycacomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place
aguabenditaagʷabenditan*holy water*agua benditaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed