Timucua - English


adulterioadulterion*adulteryadulterioBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
aeaewoe!ay!Confidentsp. var.áe
sp. var. ofâeyes oh!
áeáesp. var. ofaewoe!
âeâe1yesProbable2oh!Confidentâyaaeàesp. var.
aecaecaaecaecaRedupunknown redupVisorrey michunu hica habotimabeta Itimileno pahama apachaelequa aecaecamosota § [the viceroy] commanded that [the boy] go to a orchard of religious people whose convent was outside the city...Conf, f8 1.5This ought to refer to a way in which the boy in the passage obeyed the order of the viceroy. Possibly something like 'immediately, obediently'.Hapax Legomenon
afa1afavconfess allProbable
afa2afanafternoontardeIesu Christo anocomile, Viernes ela afama, nihinemano, Domingo carotamaqua, baluta toconela chimotemano, Viernes ela afama iribota, Domingo vquatiqua nahutemano, vquaca ela yucho tetilechu, chaquenta ela nahapumima baluta toconela monolete?Como se verifica, que el Señor resucitase al tercero dia, pues desde la tarde del viernes quando Christo fue sepultado hasta la noche antes de el Domingo quando resucito, no ay ni aun dos dias enteros.You say that Jesus Christ our lord died on Friday afternoon and resurrected and came out on Sunday (at dawn?)MovDoc f 1.1Confidentafua
afa afaafa afaadvpeacefully?Probablecomp.afatimobe peaceful?
afabaafabaadjlight, lightlyArte, f139 afabquana 'ligeramente'The form in the Arte appears to show deletion of a final vowel before quana 'always, habitually'. However the textual forms show afaba.Confidentsp. var.afauaa
afanonpart of the placename Afanochuacomp.Afanochuaname of a lake/sinkhole
Afanochuanpropname of a lake/sinkholeCited in the journal of Diego Peña (1716) as a place in Alachua County9.7.2Name of a placeConfidentcomp. ofafanochuahole
afatimoafatimovbe peaceful?Tentativecomp. ofafa afapeaceful?-timopart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?
afauaaafauaasp. var. ofafabalight, lightly
Afuycacomponent of a mission name9.7.2Name of a place
aguabenditaagwabenditan*holy water*agua benditaBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
ahanayeahanayenoakrobleHuri melaso habueleta naye atuluma mareca ahanaye quranoma marecaquene nachicalisota paluta nayoco eyaso yaquilaco eyasoquosta elota nabue chasota aya pahama ta iribosono lehabe mobicho?To go hunting deer and to burn a pile of straw to hunt them, have you made six arrows and six splinters of oak, and mixing a yaquila all between a woven cloth, and singing all night, and then you will go hunting and that you will catch many, have you said this?Conf, f1 1.1Probablecomp. ofahànoacornayetree, wood
ahànoahànonacornProbablecomp.ahanayearrow oak
aharovopen (the mouth)
ahatocaahatokanbridgepuenteCaqi equelete, chi orobiniponta pono habele ponota orobinino ysticoso hanimano ahatocama mihanima..Today she will come to confess to you and will make a bad confession and when she comes to the bridge...Conf, f2 1.3Confident
ahelaahelansome type of property, possibly a type of canoe?Probable
ahoahov1expose, revealexponer, revelar, descubrirnate hosinibichica?Did you consent to expose each other?Conf, f215Confident2open?Tentativehosp. var.ohogivecomp.ahoteletell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?ahotelesotell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?ahotelesotell, boast about lie (tell an untruth) prognosticate by (animals)?
ahoniahonivbe obedient?Tentative
ahonoahononchildniñoAhono nia. My daughter.1612 Baptism f56r-60rConfidentcomp.ahono niadaughterahono viroson
ahono niaahono niandaughterhijaEL Padre y madre dizen a su Hijo, chirico viro, y a la Hija, chiriconia y ahono viro ahononia. ¶ Word of relationship that men and women use indifferently. The father and mother say to their son, chirico viro, and to the daughter, chiriconia and ahono viro ahononia. ¶ VOCABLOS DE PARENtesco, que indiferentemente vsan varones y mugeres. EL Padre y madre dizen a su Hijo, chirico viro, y a la Hija, chiriconia y ahono viro ahononia. 1612 Bap ofahonochildniawoman