Timucua - English


atìmoatìmosp. var. ofatimo1group, all
atimucuatimukunbile2.1BodyConfidentcomp. of*atimucu1 1*ati
*atiatinroot of some body partsatichicolocomp.atitʃikolodial. var.atichìcoloatìchìcolosp. var.atichiolocfibitobon1soul/consciencehebanecasibota elota istanimano acatalamahanta yribota mihala hicama parifota honihe ininona areconta quosohanano yniheti ininona ysticoma nantema, na arecontaquere atichicolona homanista hubasoremaqehanano IESU Christo. Levantarme he y andate al derredo de la ciudad ? dare vuelta y rodeare mi concienia examinandola de los peccados y buscare al que ama mi anima que es JESU Christo su esposo | I will rise up and go about the city. I will turn and go around my conscience, examining it for sin and I will for him who my soul loves, who is JESUS Christ.comp.atichicolonimiwith all the heart*ati-nimi2heartatichicolo anomalecomp.atitʃikolo anomalengodparentatimucucomp.atimukunbile2.1Body
-atiqua2atikʷa1vsfxmust notNapeqecheqetama, inihimitima, namanetiquani hache.The ninth, you must not desire your neighbor's wifeEl noveno, no dessearas la muger de tu proximo.1612 Cat 10.1Namarua, ano iquenetiquani.El quinto, no mataras.1612 Cat 6.1Napiqichama nuquatiquani hache.El septimo, no hurtaras.1612 Cat 8.1If the preceding verb ends with /i/, then this coalesces with the initial vowel of this suffix to yield /e/. Other vowels are typically deleted before this suffix.Confident2nsfxor if not?Tentative3vsfxwithout doing this4vsfxmust?Tentativedial. var.-atyquacf-atiqua1
atiquisoatikʷisovunknown verb
atoatovunknown verb
atuluatuluTawasa piekcuttn1arrowflechaBaliteque atulu nalifochiqe, nihetileqe, atuluma ituhusota niyena mocosota, naipolotecata mosobi cho?‎‎Having pierced the game with arrows without killing it, did you order prayers to be said over an arrow, believing that with the next shot the game would die?(gI, p. 12)Confident2ray of sun
-atyquaatikʷadial. var. of-atiqua2must not or if not? without doing this before must?
auara aʷara ncleared fieldterreno despejado
Aue Mariaaue mariadial. var. ofAve Maria*Ave Maria
Ave Mariaave marian*Ave Maria*Ave MariaBorrowed from SpanishBorroweddial. var.Aue Maria
Avinonpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
ayaaja1nforestmonteAya honoma ituhunuleqe hehanimanda hanibi cho?Did you say: "I shall not eat any forest fruit, unless prayer be offered over it"?(f129; g1 p. 11,)As dicho no comere la fruta del monte sin que se reze?Arte f33 'monte'Confident2nroad?camino, senderoArte f33 'mountain'Confident3nlabor (with ebo)Arte f33 'mountain'Confident4vbe tiredestar cansadoArte f33 'mountain'Confident5nfarm?granjaArte f33 'mountain'Confident
aya hibuaaja hibuavdefecateConfidentcomp. ofaya 1hibua 4ayaayahibuanoexcrementexcrement
aya honoaja hononfruitConfidentaya 1hono 1aya
aya nafaquatasibaaja nafakʷatasibadial. var. ofayanafaquatasiba
Ayacutonpropname of a Timucua town9.7.2Name of a place
ayahanisinoajahanisinonname of a Timuca lineage, part of the ApoholaConfidentcomp. ofaya 1
ayahibuanoajahibʷanonexcrementConfidentaya hibuacomp. ofaya 1hibua 4-no1 1aya
ayahutaajahutavfornicateConfidentcomp. ofaya 1huta 1aya
ayanafaquatasibaajanafakʷatasibanunknown noun (deceiver?)Tentativedial. var.aya nafaquatasiba
ayeajentree, woodmadera, arbol, paloArte, f336.6.3.2WoodConfidentsp. var.aiecomp.ahanayearrow oakahànonhiguerayefig treehigueran