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ule2nfruitdial. var.ule1child (said by female) humility season? fruit?
*uleulevcomponent of 'humble'comp.ulechibe humble
ulechiuletʃivbe humbleOften preceded by cume 'heart'Probablevlechicomp. of*ulecomponent of 'humble'*chi1component in emotion verbs
ulemaleulemalenparent and child?Probable
ulepahaulepahanwombvientreAruquicare, eta vlepahamima tocosiro mantequa, toco haueletanimano, vhubi sosotela, acu toconimano taposota tocotela. Babies when they want to come out of the womb, cause distress; when they come out, they cause lots of crying.Movilla 1635a:f013v 2.2This word is often preceded by eta 'pregnant'Probablecfetapregnant sicknessvlepahavle pahacomp. ofule1child (said by female) humility season? fruit?dial. var. ofule2pahahouse
ulequaulekʷavhave childnia ulequamawoman having sons or daughtersArte f32This appears to be a verb, since it may appear with the honorific passive in a phrase like Iesus Bendito, mine vlequa nema 'Jesus' blessed mother' (lit. Jesus, the blessed one who had him as a child)Confidentvlequacomp. ofule1child (said by female) humility season? fruit?dial. var. ofule2-qua4dial. var.vlequa
uleturuuleturuadjsterileVleturu habeleta niye vquata hebicho?Or have you taken something to make yourself sterile?O para hazerte esteril, as tomado alguna cosa?Conf, f1 1.1Probablevleturucomp. ofule1 1child:(said:by:female)dial. var. ofule2torowithout
uliulinpotollaUlimichu hachaquente?Who made that pot?Aquella olla que se hizo?Arte, f51Confidentcomp.ulicaquinokettledrumulipassabroken pottery
ulicaquinoulikakʷinonkettledrumtimbalArte, f11Confidentcfcanecaquinodrumcomp. ofcanecomp. ofulipotcaqui1signal? give a sign?-no1nom
ulipassaulipassanbroken potteryceramica viejaulipasacomp. ofulipotpassabroken
ulubatariulubatarinfarmer, workerlabradorArte, f34synhulubosibaConfidentcomp. ofhulubo1farm, till
unauna1nthingcosaConfident2nbodycuerpoConfident3nsex organorgano sexualProbable4adjfalse?navnacomp.unabinenaked
unabineunabineadjnakeddesnudoProbablevnabinecomp. ofunathing body sex organdial. var.vnauine
unalaunalaadjsorry? (with mani)Tentativevnalaunale
unaleunalevsuspect?sospechar, recelarProbablevnale
unanunancounter-factual desire, if onlyvnan
upaupavbe filthy, rottencuiu ychonotileqe vpalaBecause the fish was not gutted, it is rotten.Por no estar destripado ó abierto sucedió podrirse ó esta podridoArte f 123Probablevpa
uquaukʷav1taketomar,llevar, asumirViroleqe uquata pueno nicala.I bring a male infantg2, p. 4 1.1Nimota uquata ituhuta honosoma enesota onaquosta, ituhuta iquenihale manda bohobi cho?Before hunting some deer did you take the antlers of another deer and pray over them the Demon's prayers?f130; g2 1.1Ano pequataye inosobotequa hacheleheco yerebena nayoleheco quene hochi uquabi cho?Did you exact the labor or day's work from those who work for you?f184; g3 1.1Confident2eatcomerAuara ele tapolama ecano qibemano inti uquata mosobi cho?Did you advise not to eat the first maize of the newly-cleared field?g3, p. 4 1.1Ibirita cuyumate honoso henomate quene inti uquabi cho?Did you [not-AB] eat any fish or deer-meat during the catamenia?f132; gI 1.1In combination with the word inti, this means 'forbidden to eat'Confident3learnaprender, enterarse, averiguarchitaco hebuano uquasecho? Who taught you? or Who did you learn that from?Arte, f4 1.1Confident4completecompletar terminar, acabarConfident5teachProbablecomp.hebano vquano letahauedoctrinevquaCr pap-ita; H/MK impa; Al ompa, K ohompa, Ct. impa.
uquanihiukʷanihivdie (honorific?)morirTentativevquanihidial. var.quanihi
uquaquaukʷakʷacoordconn1and then?Tentative2likewisevquaqua
uquatiquaukʷatikʷasp. var. ofvquatiquadawnvquati-qua3 1