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tomo2Redupbe straight
tomotitomotiv1consolar, hablar francamente, comfort? speak out? show?Iesu Christo Dios anocomile caqi vti chucuma, erotumahapuqe ha pichiqe hotequa hebano tera ecabota, hiquotimono caremate isota, valunu nanemi eyemaqua, nina tomotisobota mosontequa, iniheti inino toroqua inetacubati acola hacu, Pilatoholataleta, abotosota, nihihaue masiqe, crucima nacaconoleta nihinela, christiano sancto teracare, camobinco yalemala.and it sum it is that Christ, after having spent time in the world, about thirty three years, and having taught the road of health with his most holy life, with his doctrine and miracles, was by Pontius Pilato, who was then governor of Judea, unjustly whipped and nailed to a cross, on which he died, and was buried by some holy men.Movilla 1635a:f014r 3.2Probable2confessTentativesp. var.tomotì
tomotìtomotìSpelling Variant oftomoti comfort? speak out? show? confess
-tonotononsfxhis (honored)Probable
toomatooma1postafterNaquentemabetaleqe isticoco intahachi naramino toomaletema, euenohionoco quentema, mine Diosi anocomilequa, behemita nabohomita quosonoletaqe minequa maniqe balunuleqe motema balunumate nihinomate minequa yaijla, quenele ‎‎Thus, with all these eternal torments and disease, we must hope and believe in God, our lord; he is the lord of life and death; he is strong‎‎1612 Baptism f15v-20rConfident2prothose whoArte, f17. Confident3quantallArte, f17. Nanacu hitimate hiti hica taca nanemimate ine eio, istico toomama yateta ininoti toomama, nibalubuonihaue nalapusinola.From the Devil and from hell, and from whatever danger and disasters.1612 Cat 2.1Acu, caqi cuiu, yquo toomamate, qichi toomamate, quenema nahuta habeleta Diosima anoreqema, nahiabonoma ohòta cuiucare, holataleta, hutata, hetaquosomaca, nimasibontela quene [Fol 27v] mano Christiano teralesiromantema, cuiu quelamichuqui, hebuanotera hebuata, inino, tera ysota. God gave each man to know how to catch all the large fish and all the little ones and says to us "You must not eat the fish which the chief catches" ... and those who want to be good Christians, catching fish in a net, doing good words and good deedsSo God made all men know how to catch large and small fish. "Thou has subjected all things under his feet"1627 Cat 1.1Confident4nborde, limiteedge, limitArte, f17. Pareja gives lots of meaning for this wordConfident5vcrepitar borbotearsizzle, bubbleArte, f17. Pareja gives lots of meaning for this wordConfidenttomatoomotoòmatoomàtoomá
toponotoponopostmedioduring, in the middle of...yuquemitequa minalahacu Missatopono minala, § But he arrived late in the middle of the mass.Movilla 1635a:f173-175 5.1Though this word only appears once in the corpus, its position after Missa makes its meaning fairly clear.Confident Hapax Leg.
toponoletoponolenname of a Timucua lineagecited in Pareja 1612 (Iii)Confident
toratoraSpelling Variant oftorowithout
toriricatoritika1Redup Adjarderaburn brightly, blazeCaqi amaraletema taca eca nomano naqua naqitumotaqe naquana toriricatanima onaquenta caqi Olio consagrado lentemano, ybisonta na Christiano lentechule naquenema bueta hiti hicama naminonomano caqiolio michuqitu tucata toririca hauela caqi toriricano naini hauemano Christianoleta nainibatile noma, ...Then so the Christian, because he is annointed with consecrated oil, will burn brighter in the infernal flames than any unbeliever. 1612 Bap 3.3Probable2nflametoritica
torotoro1postwithoutArte, f139 'no ay'Confident2There is nosp. var.toraturu
torobotorobo1adjheladofrozenArte f34synyeloConfident2nice?toroba
torosa1torosavskin, remove skin/guts from an animal
tosotosovcall, attribute?Tentative
trigotrigon*trigo*wheatBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
tubatubav1faltar o no llegar la cosafail, fall shortArte f127 'faltar o no llegar la cosa'yano chubobo qichiqichima eata molahacu, mucu eneno tubaqe, nana enenolehety, quentahanimate, §Furthermore, there are little stars but the eye fails to see them; they are things that cannot be seen1627 Cat 1.5Confident2be lower, lay down3descend?
tuchiqetutʃikenuñafingernailvna oquoma, nabalunulehabe equelana toomama Diosisaraco puenohabema, ano inemi, nihitemano, acuta, yabimate, vna oquomate, tuchiqemate, puchinimi, atichicolomate, mucumate tana, ocoroqe, nabalunulehabela, we have to return to life [on the day that God calls us to judgment] resurrected with all our body parts, down to the hair and fingernails, Pareja 1627:f47v-48v 2.12.1BodyHapax Legomenon