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-tetiteti1vsfxif not yetArte, f141 -teti shows up on various negative questions, eg. quosoteti? No se hace eso? It's possible that this is just the present -te + the negative -ti, or maybe this is a separate morpheme.Confident2vsfxnot yetConfident3vsfxnot doing (for some time in the past)Arte, f141 Confident4onlyConfident
Theologalestheologalesadjteologalestheologicalsp. var.Teologalas
-titi1vNegativesfxnegConfidentCompoundaneqetibe proudanaqe2nsfxunknown possessive elementProbable3vNegativesfxnon-neg reading after futurecf-co4iso2isticoyaha2yahatitetyteratider.teratinsin, bad thing
tiacu1tiaku1unknown word at the end of possession phrasesArte f90; The example from Arte f90 seems to show that the -ni allomorph (realized as -n) of the 1st person is used. So maybe this is one of the auxiliaries that hosts periphrastic inflection. Other forms don't show -ntiacuConfident2coger, atraparcopulaHubuasosobontiacuI already loved themArte f90Confidentsp. var.tiacu2tiàcutyacutiyacu
tiacu2tiakuSpelling Variant oftiacu1poss.particle cop
tiàcutiàkuSpelling Variant oftiacu1poss.particle cop
tico pahatiko pahannavioshipsp. var.ticopaha
ticopahaSpelling Variant oftico pahaship
tilipachuatilipatʃuanwindowventanacomp. ofchuahole
tilotilonplumafeatherArte, f33In isolation this word means 'feather', but it is also a component of huetilo 'finger'. So its root meaning seems to be something more like 'Confidentcomp.hùetilofingerhuen
tilonotilononpozowell (of water)Probabletilo
timotimov1full? (with cume = full-hearted)Tentative2exceedingProbable
-timotimov > vsfxpart of several verbs, meaning unclear (perhaps full of, characterized by)?Tentativecomp.afatimobe peaceful?afa afavcumetotimocumetovmalutimosuffer?maluvocomitimoafflict?oco2vpiratimobe great, excessivepira3vpasitimopasitimovbe disturbed?atimo2comp.atimov1swear by2have faith inbayitimocomp.bajitimovdoubtboyotimocomp.bojotimov1disobey2show disrespecthachitimocomp.hatʃitimosp. var.hachitìmohachìtìmocfhiquotimocomp. of-timovbe miraculoushanihetimocomp.hanihetimov1do regularly, frequently2be familiar withhiquotimocomp.hikʷotimosp. var.hiquotìmohiqùotimohyquotìmoyquotimoyqùotimocfhachitimocomp. of-timovmarvel, be amazedcomp.hiquotimonomiracle-timohonotimocomp.honotimovunknown verbiquitimocomp.ikʷitimosp. var.icuitimosoiquitomoyqitimocfisisov1be:insulted2be confused3be ashamedistitimocomp.istitimovact badly (lustfully? disrespectfully?)machino holotimocomp.matʃino holotimosp. var.machine holotimomachino holòtimocfmachi-no1vsigh, weep?mayutimocomp.majutimovabhornebetimocomp.nebetimovintercede forNanacu Diosi achibueno inino tera niterusubotanima cuyuluta nate manta cumeletema yanacu mine cumeleta hebuanima boyoti mosotemate Diosi hebuanoletema nana manynoti na hebuateco ocotota Dios nebuetimo tetima Diosima nebuetimota naabuoquamita nano namatiquani motetima acu naabuoquanoleta habe toomama mine Yglesia pahamamimate Cruzimate Santo nibisono caremate naaboquatetima ona caqi ano melabalenoma Diosi hubuasono acoma nantaqe emoqua ecamita iniheti inino istico intela.El que es ingrato contra los beneficios que Dios le haze, y el que desobedece sus mandamientos y Ley, y el que no defiende la honrra de Dios si la vee caer, o el que no buelve por ella, y por la honra de su Templo y Cruz y Santos, y cosas sagradas y Ornamentos dedicados al culto divino.O, nahebuasibota lahacu Santoma yayita monimabeta Diosina nalapusta santo caremano ninebetimota niara hero manta tamalo botala.Si Padre, con ellos hablo, pero a Dios pido por merito de los Sanctos y a ellos que sean mis intercessores. 'I entreat them thinking "the saints will intercede for me and help me"acu santomano heca niarabosibuacareleqe ninebuetimobuosiba careletamoqe ..these saints are our helpers and intercessors ...tapotimocomp.tapotimovunknown verb (coming out?)tocotimacomp.tokotimavexceedtotimocomp.totimovrestyametimocomp.jametimovgrow, increase
timutimuvextinguishedProbabletimetimoamarataca timecomp.amarataka timenburned out candle/torch
tinibotinibo1npájaro carpinterowoodpecker2vpierce
tiparitiparivabrazarembraceCaqi Diosimano vna oquo nemoquami, vna oquo enenomaqua, hue paquanomaqua, manetiquanimaca, nanemi Diosilevileta, diosileta haueleta, hachibueno inemi siqisosiualeta, inemi nahiabaleta, inemi enesibaleta, inemi tiparita, inemi nacumota, numamate, vtimate, mine Diosilenomaqua inemi nacumontela.and you must not imagine that God is similar to some earthly thing, however great and beautiful, but you must think that God is a spiritual thing that always was and always will be, who made everything, fills everything, embraces everything, knows everything, and sees all, and finally whatever thing presents itself to the eyes or the imagination, you must say this which now presents itself to me, is not God, for God is infinitely greater.Movilla 1635a:f008r 2.3Confidenttipa
tipopilitipopilivrevolcarseroll aroundArte f128 'rebolcarse o dar bueltas de contento come suele hacer la gata'Confident
tiqenotikenontipo de casatype of housesynpahaThis house is different in some way from an ordinary house. It is used in the description of the Upper Room, where the Last Supper was held, but also in the description of the types of houses that ants build. Maybe this is more like a 'covering' and it relates to the description of nakedness in the discussion of virtues.
tiqitikin1orejaear[Fol 22v] Acu tiqileqe chinileqe quenema halu ibisota, ...The ears and nostrils of the baptized are touched with saliva, ...1612 Bap 5.1... enenocote muculeta enenoleheti, ocotonocote tiqileta ocotonolehety ......which the eye has never seen, nor the ear heard, ...1612 Cat 1.1Confident2orillaedgeArte, f33Confident
tiqiretikireSpelling Variant oftìqiricrumb, small piece(?)