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tariticataritikaRedupfrighteningIudiomichu oto oyococo fata istamonima, imemi ocotoqe eneboqe niosetecotacu, palocoba acoleta fata tariticatela, hiti yanquamano hitiholata michu, camasela qeqi viro fata niocotebotemano chitacõte? ... one demon said "Who is that man who is located there hearing us?"The Jew was in a corner, hearing and seeing all of it with the greatest fear. One of the little devils said to the big devil that there was a man there...many little devils went, and looking at him with attention, they returned as if fleeing with great speed, and said that he was a Jew, but that he was so closed off and defended by the Cross that they did not dare to bring him or touch himMovilla 1635a:f148r-151r 3.1Hapax Legomenon
-tarutaruvsfxdesired outcomeProbable
tasi2misprint oftafihusband's brother brother-in-law
tasi1tasivponerputChabeta tasihano?Donde o en que lo he de poner?Arte f14 11.1Probable
-te1tenPost-determinersfxcontrastive focus markerQie| Hecate naquimosima, nina ehesibotema, natequeniqe manista nicala hachoncomota isino?D. For he added: Just as we forgive our debtors?Movilla 1635a:f043r-043v 1.1"hote Christianotila hacu naquosoqi mãta ni Crus qelenta fatecotacu, huba misinomabeta necaheti" motaI am not a Christian, but..."Movilla 1635a:f148r-151r 1.8Iudio anoyayi caremichu, Longino iribota hebata Christiano puqua arecobotanima nahiabotaqere Pilato, lapusimonima soldadcare misoboniqe Longinote, soldadomicarema, iquenibomohaue masimoqe naquosala. When the chief Jews knew what had happened, and what Longinus had preached, and that he had made so many Christians, they asked Pilate to send soldiers to kill him, and the governor did it, and send three or four soldiers.Movilla 1635a:f152-154 5.1Confidentta-cotecomp.kotesfx1and also... hiquema Apostoles caruma nantamonimano yayicote yayititicote yquobacote qichicote nahiaba acocote nuyaacote quelamanisomoqe natooma himala. ... in these waters the Holy Apostles, fished for the old and the young who were learned and ignorant. (I will turn the desert into pools of water; and at land's end, water in the stream of waters?) 2exclamative suffix (what a ...!)-matecomp.matesp. var.-matè1sfxandIbirita cuyumate honoso henomate quene inti uquabi cho?Did you [not-AB] eat any fish or deer-meat during the catamenia?Una caremaqua hachibueno, care nayalacota, caque nihaue yatala muenomate isticoqe namota bohonole bitima chisisotamano bohatiquani hach(e?).All these things, all these abuses, the tremblings of the body, the omens form the birds, from the beasts, nothing of them must be believed in.Mine (h)achibueno tera inemi naya iynomate, graciamate nacumotaqe iyenotima; nocomi Dios-isomima nantela.Some great queen, rich in all virtues and graces; the true mother of God she is called.Dios itimi, Dios qiemima Jesu Christo nante, Espiritu Santomate.God father, God's son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.Ano qiemamate Diosi? (And) is the father God? Quiemilenomate Diosi?Is the son God?2vsfxand (verbal)3non-coord mate
te- -mate- -maSpelling Variant ofnte-... -madurative rel. clausenominalizer locative?comp.iniheti intemasinnersinner
-techutetʃuvsfx1 perfectArte, f15Confident2remote pastConfidentcf-tanchutechunuechutachu
-tecotekovsfx1unknown verb suffixtypically on a complement clause that expresses a desired outcome, like 'would that'. Examples in the Arte, f8 suggest a present tense relative clause 'the one who Vs'Confident2before -tacu in comparativesIn this sense, -teco seems to be the same as the sequence -ta-hecoConfident3relative clause (indef)In this sense, this seems like an indefinite counterpart to the more common sequence on relative clauses. It often occurs near the existential nahi, with a sense like 'Does a person who ... exist?' or 'Is there a person who...' Confident
telequetelekʷenback, side
-tenotenoclause-final verb suffixFound on some affirmative clauses, possibly an emphatic; possibly showing certainty about past events.Probable
-tentetenteSpelling Variant of-tante
TeologalasteologalasSpelling Variant ofTheologalestheological
-tequatekʷa1vsfxso that2vsfxbecause3vsfxwhen4if one couldsp. var.-tèqua
-tèquatèkʷaSpelling Variant of-tequaso that because when if one could
terateraadjgoodArte, f43 'beautiful, pretty, attractive, polite [polida], good and healthy thing'. Also lists teru as an alternativeConfidentterutereibineteraholy wateribinenhachibueno teracomp.hatʃibʷeno teranmeritineteraticomp.ineteratinevil deedisono teracomp.isono teranbenefitteratider.teratinsin, bad thing
terabaterabaSpelling Variant ofterarabaexcellent?
terarabaterarabaadjexcellent?Probablesp. var.teraba
teratiteratinsin, bad thingpecado, algo maloder. ofteragood-ti
terciopeloterciopelon*terciopelo*velvetBorrowed from SpanishBorrowed
teruteruvhumildehumble?Arte, f43This is usually a spelling variant of tera 'good', but in some passages it may have a distinct sense like 'humble'.TentativeTeru
teru teruteru teruRedupbeautifulArte, f43Confident
terusuterusuv1make a good confessionConfident2do something wellProbabletervsu
teruteruteruteru1Redupcelebrating? happy?Probable2adjbeautiful