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-qitikitivsfx1if (in hypoth contexts)Nia patabotanaye ichalima taecheqiti cuyumate iyoronamate ubahabetila manda bohobicho bohonolebitila.... have you believed? It must not be believed.Having had intercourse with a woman, have you said and believed that if you enter the fish trap, no more fish or eels will enter? f126 4:1Cani abinoma niye namocosonoleqe abiqiti anoco ni homanisihaue manda bohota quosobi cho?Did you think that in tinging your hat in that intention somebody would get enamored of you (se aficionará)?gI, p. 1 1:1Often seems to show up in contexts discussing possible hypothetical/irrealis consequences of various actions (e.g. smoking 'guano', entering an eel trap after sex ). Arte f113 seems to list it as a synonym of -qi.Confident2so that3if+1sgqity
qiti qitikiti kitiadvdiligently, swiftlyArte, f9Confidentqitiqiti
qitutuca1kitutukaRedup Adjwarm?Used in proximity to nera 'warm' twice, as an apparent synonym.Probablesp. var.quitutuca
-qua2kʷasfxeither (first in a series of conjuncts)Probable
-qua5kʷavTensesfxpast2 (with prec. bilete)Probable
-qua3kʷakʷa1nPost-determinersfxlocative (at)Confidentvquatiquadawnvquati2nsfxwith, byConfident3nsfxfrom?Probable4nPost-determinersfxpor/dein/onAcu Santomate Cruzimate Diosi siqisotanima toomama Santomaqua naquenela hachibueno eyocaremaqua naqueniqe istala muenomate iniheti inino ystico yninolehe?Es peccado jurar por las criaturas y Cruz y Sanctos?1612 Cat 1.1Naquenele crucimaqua cumenahacha manisi habetila etenta obachamasta nubatimasta quostahache cabetamaninoreqema eneta hanaye toomama naquostahache.Because you are very devoted to the cross, adoring it and kissing it, and showing it reverence seeing it (?)1612 Cat 1.1Christiano careletema Dios yahamaqua navehemecocolenoletequa mine yahama hachibueno ine terama anohohanimano nalimo abo tera nanemima anohohanima mantela naqueni habuemano mine nemoquami naynisinoleta habue ninaehebuotema chamanecoco naintencono mine Diosima araqe naquentaqere naminonolehabuele.Todo Christiano a de tener esperança en solo Dios que le a de dar la gloria, y los medios para alcançarla haziendo el de su parte lo que deve, y el Señor le manda, y que si cayere en su desgracia por el peccado, el le ayudará si deveras le pessare.1612 Cat 1.1Confident5nsfxonly (with -coco)Listed in the Arte with the meaning 'in'. In the exx below it used in expressions like 'swear by', 'be devoted to', 'have hope in'Confident6nPost-determinersfxcomparative7vcomps attached to tensed verbsfxwith Vingdial. var.-queif if/and if if and thenmoqua
-qua4kʷavsfxunknown verb component (have, be with?)Tentativecomp.aboquahonorabo2vcobaquabe (sexually) faithful?cobovadjulequahaving childrenule1vhiamiquacomp.hiamikʷasp. var.hyamiquacfnahiomicomp. of-mi4vbe possible, have the power tomahaquacomp.mahakʷav1sell, buymahaquano pahamastore2be worth?michuquacomp.mitʃukʷaconfess (w/ fari-)moroquacomp.morokʷavgrow old?namoquacomp.namokʷasp. var.namòqua1adjon the side, apart2nmidwife (at the side of?)3adjworthyNiquosobilehanima calubosono ninamoquale.If I had done that, I would be worthy of punishment4postapart from, not because of5postto?piraquacomp.pirakʷavhungerurutuquacomp.urutukʷav1be exiled from, be banished from, be far from2exorciseytuquacomp.itukʷavthank (with mani)
quachakʷatʃavclose (door)? shut?Tentative
quachikʷatʃiv1ensenarteachArte, f52; ufueta quachi is something like 'pimp out'Confident2entregararrange for (s.o.) to do (s.t.)Ano ufueta quachibicho?Have you been a procurer or procuress?f212 1:1Confident3give, bestow?Tentativesp. var.qùachi
qùachiSpelling Variant ofquachiteach arrange
-quamakʷamavsfxunknown verb suffix
quamokʷamoSpelling Variant ofquimoin the same way
quanakʷana1always/habituallyConfident2ubd stemsfximmediatelyquaquan
-quanakʷanaadj > advsfxadverb suffix?Probable
quanabakʷanabanunknown noun
quanihikʷanihiSpelling Variant ofuquanihidie (honorific?)
quanukʷanuv1adornar, embellecer,vestiradorn oneself, beautify oneself, dress oneselfGr. quanu 'dress, adorn oneself' 'praise, respect'; Arte f42 quanu 'adorn oneself'Confident2hablar respetuosamentespeak respectfullyGr. quanu 'dress, adorn oneself' 'praise, respect'; Arte f42 quanu 'adorn oneself'Confident3actuar reverencialmente haciaact reverentially towardGr. quanu 'dress, adorn oneself' 'praise, respect'; Arte f42 quanu 'adorn oneself'Confidentsp. var.qùanu
qùanukʷànuSpelling Variant ofquanuadorn, beautify, dress speak respectfully act reverentially toward
quaresmakʷaresmaSpelling Variant ofcuaresmaLent
quasi2kʷasinname of a Timucua lineage?Tentative
quasi1kʷasivdo the same?Tentativesp. var.qùasiquas
qùasikʷàsiSpelling Variant ofquasi1do the same?