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QerubineskerubinesnQuerubines*CherubimBorrowed from SpanishBorrowedQuerubines
qeysacokejsakounknown morph, preceded by le or ni (thanks, goodwishes?)Tentativesp. var.qeyso
qeysokejsoSpelling Variant ofqeysaco
qeytakeitanfather? parent?Tentative
qikivhonor, sanctify (with mani)Probable
-qikivsfxdeseardesiderative; complement to maniVcuqiI want to drinkArte f113Confidentqequaqique
qibekibe1adjprimerofirstConfident2vbeginConfidentsp. var.qybiqibiquibiqibue
qibiro anokibiro anonlinaje de venado grandegreat deer lineageEn agua dulce, y provincia de Potano a todos estos linajes es de Caciques, llaman Qibiro ano: linaje de Benado grande.In Agua Dulce and the province of Potano all these lineages are of chiefs, they call them Qibiro ano: lineage of great deer.Pareja (1612:Iii)
qibokiboadvyesterdayArte, f11Confident
qichikitʃiadjlittleConfidentsp. var.quichi
qiekien1hijo (de un hombre)son (of a man)4.1.9KinshipConfident2hija (de un hombre)daughter (of a man)4.1.9KinshipProbable3niñochildConfidentquieqiaquiaQiequieeqaQuie
qilabokilabov1act with charity (with cume)Ano chicotama melabosale manta cume qilabono muenomano hachaquenino masino?And what is charity to the neighbor?1612 Cat 1.1Always used in combination with cume 'heart', but the two parts may be separated from each other in the syntax.Confident2show contrition (with cume)qilabuo
qilikilivcombat? Probablecomp.qilicorage-co4v
qilicokilikovragerabiar, enfurecersecomp. of-co4suffix on adjectival predsqilicombat? -co4
qipulukipuluadjbent, curved?
qisakisan1tierradirtArte, f53Confident2arenasandArte, f53Confidentqisa ococomp.kisa okongravel or some other sharp object on the ground (e.g. broken shells)qisaletecacomp.kisaletekangem, precious stone
qisa narinsand?
qisa ocokisa okongravel or some other sharp object on the ground (e.g. broken shells)comp. ofqisadirt sandoco3pebble? clod?qisa
qisaletecakisaletekangem, precious stonepiedra preciosacomp. ofqisadirt sand
qisotikisotin1relative in compadrazgo system4.1.9KinshipConfident2primo tercerothird cousin4.1.9KinshipConfident3sobrinonephew4.1.9KinshipConfidentsp. var.qisotì
qisotìkisotìSpelling Variant ofqisotirelative in compadrazgo system
qitikitivlevantarseget up, riseProbable