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quilukʷiluNat peeL-, PMusk *pasvclean, sweeplimpiar, barrerCacare cacare quilunu le habele.Esto y esto y aquello o estas y aquellas cosas se han de limpiar.Arte f57 1:1Sometimes used with iniheti inino 'sin' in the sense 'cleanse of sin'Confidentdial. var.yquilu
quimokʷimovin the same wayConfidentsp. var.quamo
qùiribaquokʷ̀iribakʷonMarchand in the time that the trees begin to flower or produce flowers, which was the 25th of March.Given as the month in which the Virgin conceived and explained in the text as equivalent to the month marzo in Spanish. ofacu2
quiribuokʷiribovcurse?maldecirAnoco yabisa cateta naquiri bosota acu ochiete naquiribuosota yniqena faramitile nimosico ninapuene hero mobicho?Haz maldecido a ti mesmo o a otro, para que venga en alguna desgracia?Conf, f1 1.1Probable
quisakʷisansister-in-law (of a woman)cuñada (de una mujer)niquisaMy sister-in-law married to my brother Mi cuñada casada con mi hermano.Pareja, First Cat, HiiiniquisimitanaShe calls the sister of her husband niquisitmitanaElla llama a la hermana de su marido niquismitanaPareja, First Cat, HiiiThis term takes the verbal prefix ni- instead of the normal nominal possessive -na, so it seems to be a verb.4.1.9KinshipConfidentdial. var.quisi
quisikʷisidial. var. ofquisasister-in-law
quisotikʷisotin1son-in-law/daughter-in-lawyerno, nuera4.1.9KinshipConfident2stepson, stepdaughterentenado, entenadaEntenado, o entenada, si es hombre el qual es padrasto le llama quisotina.Stepson or stepdaugher, if he is a man, he who is the stepfather calls him quisotina.Pareja, First Cat Hiiii4.1.9KinshipConfident3godchild
quitakʷitanpalm bagbolsa de palmaArte, f8Confident
quitikʷitivmix cornmushArte, f14Confident
quitosokʷitosov1pay homage toAlways with the instrumental na- prefix.2recognize
quitulukʷituluvaccompanyacompanarChiquitulusibohale I will go in your (pl) company | Yre en vuestra compania o acompañarosArte f130 quitulunu yr con alguno o acompanarleConfidentsp. var.qùitulu
qùitulukʷ̀itulusp. var. ofquituluaccompany
quonokʷonovunknown verb
quosokʷosodial. var.qùososp. var.quòsodial. var. ofiquosohonor, praisecomp. of-soiquobamake do thank (with mani)der.naquosonoprayer, invocation prayer, invocation
quòsokʷòsosp. var. ofquosomake do thank (with mani)dial. var. ofiquoso
qùosokʷ̀osodial. var. ofquosomake do thank (with mani)dial. var. ofiquoso
quranokʷranonoak splinterastilla de roble
qùyanikʷ̀janisp. var. ofquianiyounger
qybikjbisp. var. ofqibefirst