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-quekʷeDialectal Variant of-qua3loc with, by nsuff from? in/on the onlyif if/and if if and then
queenekʷeneSpelling Variant ofqueneand be (emphatic) do
quela1kʷela1vpescar con una redfish with a netArte f6Confident2nsirvienteservantArte f6Confidentquele
quela2kʷelav1derretir fundir, marchitarmelt, witherArte, f6Confident2retirar, withdrawArte, f6Confidentdial. var.colafeather
quela3kʷelanpariente, familiarrelative?Arte f16Confident
quelokʷelonconejo, gaçaporabbitArte f6, f531.6AnimalConfident
quenekʷene1coordconnandArte f 134 quene 'eso es asi or esto es cierto; quando no es interogacion sirve de conjuncion'sp. var.quèneConfident2vser enfaticobe (emphatic)Arte f 134 quene 'eso es asi or esto es cierto; quando no es interogacion sirve de conjuncion'Confident3vhacer, realizardoArte f 134 quene 'eso es asi or esto es cierto; quando no es interogacion sirve de conjuncion'Confident4ubd stemsfxwhatever5ubd stemsfxcomplement of manisp. var.queenecfnaquenionaquenequenenqueniqueniqueniqueniqenequenyqùeniqueneticomp.kʷenetinfalsehood, lie
quènekʷèneSpelling Variant ofquene 1and
quenetima quenela kʷenetima kʷenela vlie, tell a falsehood (w/ a verb saying such as mo)comp. ofquene 2be:(emphatic)-tiquene
queni2kʷenivrepent (with queni)
queni1kʷenivspeak aloud, recite (frequently with sin/confession)Confidentqueniquen
queninibakʷeninibaRedup Adjunknown adj?
queniqe2kʷenikecoordconnso, thussp. var.quenìqe
queniqe1kʷenike1nspell, words?Probable2vpardon (with nate...mani)
quenìqekʷenìkeSpelling Variant ofqueniqe2spell, words? so, thus
-quequakʷekʷasfxunknown verb suffix (as if you were)
quetalakʷetalanrasoclearingpaha quetalaquathe clearing of a houseArte, f147
queyakʷejav1be appeased, be quenched?Tentative2be humble
queya queyakʷeja kʷejaReduphumblequeya
-quikʷisfxandExamples in Arte f8 after nouns. But in my texts, only after verbsConfidentqiqùiquì
quianikʷiani1adjyoungerUlena quianimaMy youngest childPareja, First Cat HiiiiConfident2ordnumfourthsp. var.quianyqùyaniqui
quianykʷianiSpelling Variant ofquianiyounger
quichikʷitʃiSpelling Variant ofqichilittle
quilakʷilavtinge, stain